The constant need for relubrication of metallic bearing points on rod ends industrial applications is a time consuming and expensive exercise and poses a real contamination risk.

As a result, global polymer manufacturer, igus, has developed maintenance-free polymer-hybrid spherical bearings which are a more cost-effective and safer alternative able to withstand higher loads and constant repetitive movements without the need for lubrication.

The new model features a robust combination of a stainless-steel or zinc die cast housing, a self-lubricating polymer inner ring and a stainless-steel spherical ball. This design allows for applications with higher loads to transition seamlessly to this advanced tribo-technology. Rod ends are critical in everything from manufacturing, to processing, food and many other industries where they are pivotal in the operation of industry machinery, from filling plants to meat-processing and packaging systems, where they transmit dynamic forces through various movements.

Bearing specialist, Juan-Eric Davidtz, of igus South Africa says the benefits of the new product is developed with the inner ring made of either iglidur J- series of polymers for industrial applications or the food grade iglidur A160, a high-performance plastic compliant with both FDA and EU 10/2011 standards, ensuring top-tier hygiene and safety. The iglidur A160 contains a solid lubricant released in microscopic amounts over time, ensuring low-friction dry operation between the inner ring and the stainless-steel spherical ball.

“Our lubrication-free approach significantly reduces cleaning time, as the absence of grease prevents dirt and dust accumulation. Furthermore, in the food and hygienic industries our high-performance plastic’s blue colour enhances food safety by making residues and mould spores easily detectable during cleaning inspections.

“The new igubal rod ends are designed for durability, even in challenging outdoor conditions. They exhibit higher breaking strength and rigidity compared to traditional plastic rod ends and are resistant to moisture, acids, alkalines and UV rays. With a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C, these bearings are versatile across various applications. Laboratory tests indicate that the abrasion resistance of iglidur A160 is ten times better than that of polyamide, even under fast rotational movements.

“Users can significantly increase the reliability of their systems with a modest investment.” The new rod ends are available in sizes M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, and M20, catering to diverse industrial needs. We think it is set to revolutionise the way we built machines by providing a blend of hygiene, robustness and efficiency in rod end bearings with virtually no need for further maintenance,” concludes Juan-Eric.

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