RS South Africa, a trading brand of RS Group plc (LSE: RS1), a global provider of product and service solutions, has announced the launch of its RS PRO Automation Efficiency. This expansion enriches the RS PRO portfolio with over 1 100 new products spanning more than 18 technologies, emphasising its commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for industrial automation.

Ensuring efficiency in industrial automation processes is essential to improve plant performance when it comes to production, energy saving, consumption reduction and minimising environmental impact. RS PRO offers a complete set of products across multiple technologies to maximise automation efficiency daily and keep your production line fully effective,” comments Sales Director Erick Wessels.

Adding to a wide existing range of over 45 000 products in this area, the new launch has the ultimate goal of offering customers an ever-expanding and comprehensive choice at a competitive price. The new RS PRO range stands out as the go-to solution for improving the efficiency of automation processes, from saving energy to increasing productivity, while at the same time ensuring cost reduction.

From logic controllers and push buttons to Cat6 cables, circuit protection, energy-saving lighting and more, RS PRO offers a comprehensive one-brand solution for diverse industrial automation needs.

The Automation Efficiency launch targets a wide range of sectors, including food and beverage, paper and packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, equipment manufacturing, utilities, energy, engineering services, and automation.

RS PRO aims to support designers, machine builders, and maintainers by providing a comprehensive offering that meets design and compliance specifications at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Sales Director Erick Wessels.

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