With its quality reputation for robust HVAC solutions for rail and defence, Booyco Engineering has built a strong reference base in mining – which is set to grow further as the company streamlines its range of standardised designs for short lead times and enhanced cost effectiveness.

In addition to its cab heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for mobile mining equipment, there will also be a selection of related solutions on display – adding considerable value to mining operations, highlights Brenton Spies, Managing Director at Booyco Engineering. These include auxiliary power units (APU) to reduce diesel consumption while large mobile machinery such as trucks, drill rigs, dozers and similar equipment are idling, as well as specialised dust filtration systems for cabs and engines.

“Based on our decades of experience in this field, we made a name for ourselves in mainly bespoke solutions in the most demanding applications,” says Spies. “We recently leveraged these designs to create a range of standard solutions for mining – an exciting selection of which will be showcased on our stand.”

He notes that these units can be quickly supplied to customers while being very cost competitive, allowing mines to source solutions in good time while not compromising on quality.

“The priority for mines today is equipment availability, as they work towards more uptime and better productivity,” he says. “Every time an HVAC system in a cab needs to be replaced or repaired, the machine stands idle – at great cost to the operation in lost production. Our heavy duty designs and local manufacture ensure long life and reliability.”

Alongside the production imperative, mines are also insisting on the highest levels of safety and best practice, says Grant Miller, Executive Director at Booyco Engineering. Among the benchmarks being embraced in the local industry is the ISO 23875 standard on air quality and driver health. Booyco Engineering designs its solutions to comply with this standard.

“Mines therefore also have peace of mind, knowing that units installed comply with the highest global standards into the future,” says Miller.

A related innovation to be formally launched at Electra Mining Africa is the company’s APU which drives the in-cab air conditioner without the need for the mining truck’s main engine to provide power to the system. He points out that, in most situations, a driver or operator has to run the main engine to keep their cab cool while waiting to be loaded.

“Fitting the APU means that the main engine can be powered down while waiting, and the cab will remain cool for optimal operator comfort,” he says. “With mining trucks consuming anything from 30 to 50 litres of diesel an hour while idling, this APU means a significant saving in diesel costs. It also helps reduce the mine’s carbon footprint, which is a growing strategic concern.”

As part of Booyco Engineering’s contribution to safe and streamlined mining, it will also demonstrate the globally successful Sy-Klone technology for cab filtration as well as for air precleaning systems to boost engine performance, reliability and life span.

Construction of Booyco HVAC systems underway.
Booyco Engineering’s production line in Meadowdale with units in various stages of completion.
Extensive design and engineering experience underpins the quality of Booyco HVAC systems.

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