Manufacturing concrete products is an industry segment that faces its own special demands, and AfriSam’s 90 years of experience allows it to take some of the weight of these challenges off its customers.

“Some of the country’s leading concrete product manufacturers (CPMs) have been our customers for over 40 years,” says Adele Wentzel, Sales Manager Cement Manufacturing Gauteng at AfriSam. “Relationships like these give us real insight into their daily concerns, and how we can add value to their operations.”

With its need for efficient production lines and quick cycle times, the CPM segment relies extensively on AfriSam’s Rapid Hard (52,5R) cement and its High Strength (42,5R) cement. Concrete products need to be removed from moulds as quickly as possible, and in most cases there are stringent demands on quality, finish and strength.

“While many customers have applications that need our ‘Rolls Royce’ product – the Rapid Hard cement – there are also segments where their concrete products are better suited to other classes of cement,” explains Wentzel. “Whatever the application, though, customers rely on the AfriSam service team to ensure they receive the right cement and the optimal mix to achieve the best results.”

Among current priorities in the CPM segment is to reduce energy consumption – as steam curing is generally energy intensive. A key resource for AfriSam customers is its Centre for Product Excellence (CPE), which helps find innovative and cost effective solutions.

“The CPE’s depth of expertise – backed up by sophisticated testing and laboratory infrastructure – means there are specialists available in the field of concrete products,” she says. “One of our initiatives has been a collaboration with a leading admixture provider, combining our skills and products with theirs to find ways to reduce costs for customers.”

These initiatives include focused interventions for customers to achieve strategic improvements in their operational efficiency, she notes.

“Our ability to provide these value-adds stems from the trust we’ve built over many years within the CPM segment through sustained relationships,” she emphasises. “Throughout the years, we have practically demonstrated our contribution to customers’ businesses, providing a tangible contribution cementing the necessary trust.”

This trust is a vital foundation for a segment faced with varying levels of loadshedding, as CPMs rely heavily on electricity supply for curing concrete products.

“With our flexibility, responsiveness and qualified specialist advice, we help customers to manage operational uncertainties while still ensuring the highest quality of product,” she says.

AfriSam celebrates a long standing relationship with CPMs.
AfriSam’s Rapid Hard Cement allows for quicker setting and mould stripping times.
AfriSam also plans cement deliveries around customer requirements.
The CPMs often have demanding requirements for specialised mix designs and final product quality.

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