f you think that buying a Christmas gift for mom is tough, buying gifts for dads (or any man for that matter!) is even worse. A standard answer to “What can we get you for Christmas?” is generally met with “I have everything I need” or the super-cheesy dad-line “Your presence is present enough!” This, of course, results in us resorting to buying the good ol’ standbys – you know the ones…jocks, socks, or soap on a rope. But, if your dad loves gardening or is a “Mr Fix-it” then this year, ditch the stereotypical gifts and get dad something he really wants (and needs) instead.

Husqvarna offers 5 great gift ideas for dads (and the bonus of ordering online):


Gloves: These slim-fit and comfortable gloves are made with a goat leather palm and jersey fabric on the back. The goat leather offers dad’s hands protection against moisture and is suitable for the most demanding domestic jobs.

Protective Glasses: If dad enjoys cutting or grinding, a good pair of protective glasses is a must as they ensure effective visibility and complete eye safety.
https://za-promo.husqvarna.com/products/protective-glasses-sun-x – protective glasses
Foldable Pruning Saw 180mm or 220mm: Now here is a simply must-have gift that dad will love you forThe foldable pruning saw comes in both 180mm and 220mm sizes and is suitable for cutting everything from timber to plastic pipes, and wallboards to trimming branches as well as general pruning. It’s lightweight, made from high-quality steel and has an ergonomic handle for high comfort. The blade locks in place and folds away safely when not used. Plus, it’s hard chrome plated to improve solidity, is rust-resistant and has the added bonus of not having to be resharpened with normal use.
https://za-promo.husqvarna.com/products/foldable-pruning-saw-180-mm | https://za-promo.husqvarna.com/products/foldable-pruning-saw-220-mm


8L Handheld Sprayer: Perfect for the dad who loves gadgets but dislikes cleaning them! This handheld sprayer is super easy to clean and can be used around the home or garden. The durable compression pump with a steel rod and a large, comfortable pump handle makes it easy to use and the pressure release valve will help to keep dad safe by preventing chemical spills before opening the tank.

Axe: Another handy gift idea guaranteed to make dad smile. The fibre-reinforced PA shaft makes this axe/hatchet durable and robust and is excellent for chopping firewood, garden work and trekking activities.  The axe head has a non-stick coating which gives less friction and easy entry into the wood. It also has a soft grip and secure handling.

Want to see more? All Husqvarna products can be viewed and purchased online so there’s no need to be stumped for choice this Christmas. Just visit our website and get clicking:  https://za-promo.husqvarna.com/

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