Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) has achieved the unique distinction of Commvault Premier Partner status on top of their Commvault Service Advantage Plus (CSAP) status, the only Commvault partner in the country to have attained both of these accolades.

“This achievement talks to DMP SA’s commitment to both Commvault and the customer ecosystem. By reaching the top tier in both areas they have not only met revenue goals and achieved the required skill sets, they have also demonstrated their desire to strive for customer excellence,” says Gerhard Fourie, Channel Lead at Commvault Africa.

DMP SA has been a committed Commvault partner for over four years and has invested significant time and resources into developing the skills required to not only sell the product, but to provide ongoing support, maintenance and additional managed services around it.

“We offer only one data management solution and that is Commvault. They have proven time and again that they offer the most holistic end-to-end solution that we believe is best for our customers regardless of the data types they need to protect, and there is no better vendor for us to work with,” says Iniel Dreyer, MD at DMP SA.

DMP SA is now positioned to provide the full spectrum of products and services around Commvault, from sales through to support, for a complete data management offering. With the addition of the Metallic cloud solution to their portfolio, they are also able to deliver on-premises, cloud and hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS) around data management to ensure the solutions they deploy are the best fit for purpose.

“An important component of our mission is to partner with best of breed vendors and Commvault has always been our go-to partner when it comes to data management. Our Premier Partner accreditation further cements our relationship with Commvault and boosts our credibility in the market. We have built a reputation as a trusted advisor for customers, and this augments our standing,” Dreyer concludes.

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