Bosch Rexroth Africa is set to make its first appearance at this year’s Investing in African Mining Indaba in conjunction with Bosch Rexroth companies Hägglunds Drives and Smart Mine. The companies will use the event to showcase how their innovations can shape the future of African mining and automation.

“The theme of our 2023 stand is ‘We’re closer than you think’ and will focus on the various ways that Bosch Rexroth Africa can assist customers with taking African mining and automation to new heights,” says Chris Riley, Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group CEO & President of Bosch Rexroth Africa. “We will also showcase how our solutions can support industry opportunities and contribute to supply chain security for commodities throughout the continent.”

Taking African mining and automation to the next level

Focusing on mining digitalisation, Smart Mine will showcase how mining operations can be optimised through its range of state-of-the-art solutions – Smart Inspection, Start/Stop Retrofit, Smart Lockout and Smart Conveyor. “Smart Inspection offers optimal support during onsite and offsite inspection and maintenance processes in the palm of your hand through the use of digital devices,” says Jonas Corali, General Manager of Bosch Smart Mining Africa.

African governments and mining companies have expressed commitments to delivering cleaner operations and finding ideal technological solutions to help execute this change. “The Stop/Start Retrofit system has the ability to reduce CO2 by automatically shutting down vehicle engines during operational waiting periods. Essentially, this reduces fuel consumption and emissions while increasing the engine life of construction fleets,” points out Corali.

With global supply chains experiencing constraints, Smart Mine aims to boost the productivity of African mines with its Smart Lockout and Smart Conveyor solutions that reduce downtime. “There’s no doubt that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is with us. Our Smart Mine solutions are designed to deliver cutting-edge results for the automation and digitalisation of mining on the continent. They enhance safety, and increase asset availability and productivity. Moreover, they assist customers with reaching their ESG goals,” Corali added.

Hägglunds Fusion: The Power of One

From a hardware side, Hägglunds Drives South Africa will be showcasing Fusion – its most compact hydraulic drive yet. The motor provides unbeatable torque across a range of low power applications, while increasing productivity for apron feeders, belt feeders and infeed conveyors.

“This modular solution is not only durable, reliable, space- and cost-saving, but also highly flexible, ensuring that it remains efficient for clients and meets their expectations,” states Kay Govinder, Sales Manager of Hägglunds Drives South Africa.

Summing up, Riley believes that Investing in African Mining Indaba 2023 is a great opportunity for Bosch Rexroth Africa, Smart Mine and Hägglunds Drives South Africa to network with African market leaders and showcase how product offerings can transform the future of mining and automation in Africa.

Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group CEO and President of Bosch Rexroth Africa, Chris Riley
Hägglunds Fusion, the all-in-one hydraulic drive solution with a compact design.
Bosch Rexroth Africa services the continent with 33 global brands and a network of over 35 branches.

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