Wood Mackenzie, the leading provider of decision intelligence for the world’s natural resources sector, today launched the Electric Vehicles and Battery Supply Chain Service (EVBSC) at the Mining Indaba 2023 conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The EVBSC is a new product that provides end-to-end detailed analysis and forecasts of the electric transportation value chain including quarterly long-term outlooks to 2050 and 10-year forecasts, and monthly short-term reports and data for EV, Li-ion battery and raw materials (lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite and manganese) markets.

The EVBSC has been designed to help users:

  • Understand future supply trends across key battery raw materials.
  • Predict battery and metals demand with our electric vehicle and energy storage forecasts.
  • Analyse trade flows and patterns for battery chemicals and components.
  • Evaluate new growth opportunities in the battery materials sector.
  • Identify trends in country and company electrification targets.
  • Assess cell manufacturers’ technologies and detail automakers’ supply chains. 
  • Leverage our price forecast for benchmark and ‘battery grade’ metals.

“The EVBSC has been created by Wood Mackenzie to reflect the growing interest in one of the most important sectors for the implementation of a successful energy transition,” Max Reid, Senior Research Analyst for the EVBSC at Wood Mackenzie said. “Having access to detailed analysis and forecasts of the electric transportation value chain will allow subscribers to assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions from mine to market.”

The EVBSC also monitors key end-use markets, industry news, price movements and related macroeconomics. Mining Indaba 2023 is Africa’s largest conference dedicated to the continent’s mining and metals industries and is running from 6-9 February.

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