Constantly improving its technology and value offering to the market, SEW-EURODRIVE recently launched its innovative AMS adapter with added features to benefit the end-user. According to Andreas Meid, SEW-EURODRIVE head of engineering, the company’s adapter has always fulfilled a valuable role in the company’s product line-up. Allowing SEW-EURODRIVE’s IEC motor to be integrated with an SEW-EURODRIVE gearbox, the AMS adapter has now been upgraded with even more refinements in mind.

“The first improvement we introduced with this AMS adapter is to make it more compact,” says Meid. “Its smaller footprint allows users to install it more easily in areas where space is constrained; in fact, we have been able to reduce its dimensions by up to a full 25%.”

The bearing selection in the AMS adapter has also been reviewed to optimise the bearing life relative to the operating temperatures. He highlights the growing demand in the market for longer service intervals and more uptime, to which this upgrade is a proactive response.

“We have also considered the specific requirements of vertical installations, and included a drain hole to ensure that any liquid can easily exit the adapter,” he says. “The flinger transports the liquid to the through bores in the intermediate flange, where it can drain out.”

This is important because it means that liquid will not enter the bearings and gears – thereby ensuring that the components can achieve the longest possible operating life. Customers have always appreciated the reliability and low cost of ownership of SEW-EURODRIVE’s offerings, says Marcio Sicchiero, SEW-EURODRIVE head of exports.

“The AMS adapter comes from the same heritage of high-precision German engineering,” says Sicchiero. “The range of frame sizes also makes it versatile across many industry applications; we offer 12 sizes from IEC 71 to IEC 280.”

There was an enthusiastic response to the new version when it was first launched at the Electra Mining exhibition in South Africa last year. It was also introduced to existing users of the AM adapter, who responded positively to the improvements. The innovation is being manufactured at a number of SEW-EURODRIVE’s plants around the world.

“The AMS adapters, together with our gearboxes and high efficiency IEC motors, offer customers a full package that comes with a two-year extended warranty,” he says. “There is the convenience of sourcing from one supplier, as well as the peace of mind when it comes to support and servicing – we look after all that.”

that this package comes already assembled, reducing the time and cost – not to mention any operational risk – of trying to assemble components on site. Among the most common applications of the AMS adapter, motor and gearbox are in agitation and mixing activities in the mining and water sectors.

Andreas Meid, SEW-EURODRIVE head of engineering.
The AMS adapter is more compact and longer bearing life.
SEW-EURODRIVE’s newly launched AMS adapter.
The SEW-EURODRIVE AMS Adapter has features to benefit the end-user.

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