The AGRIFARM lubricant range for agricultural machines, which must deliver top performance daily, will be showcased by FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA at Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day 2023. The company is a proud first-time exhibitor at the leading event of its kind for the farming community, from 16 to 19 May at Bothaville in the Free State. FUCHS has been active in the agricultural lubricant market for more than 70 years, both as an OEM for machine manufacturers and in the field of workshop services.

“As a professional, you know how critical the right oil is for the performance and durability of such equipment, where reliability is key. It is for this reason that FUCHS only uses selected base oils and specially developed additives for its AGRIFARM lubricants,” comments Greg Tarr, FUCHS Technical Manager. Benefits include noticeably increased oil change intervals in engines and significantly fewer signs of wear.

“With AGRIFARM lubricants, you place your trust in a wealth of experience gathered over the course of decades,” says Tarr. The latest innovative lubricants under the AGRIFARM brand secure maximum operational reliability of all agricultural units – from engines and transmissions, right through to hydraulics in all machines and vehicles.

AGRIFARM lubricants have proved extremely successful even under the very toughest conditions and thereby offer the highest level of reliability for your vehicle fleet. This high-quality range meets the latest standards of leading manufacturers in terms of application safety.

When it comes to OEMs producing equipment specifically for the agricultural industry and workshop facilities on farms, FUCHS has a range of innovative lubricants to ensure maximum operational reliability from engines to transmissions and hydraulics.

Due to its seasonality, the agricultural industry requires specialised oils and lubricants. FUCHS has therefore formulated products to withstand the rigours of equipment operating for three months and then standing idle for six. These include engine oils, multifunctional hydraulic and transmission oils, greases and specialised coolants.

In addition, whereas a vehicle such as an on-highway truck encounters up- and downhills that moderate the engine output, common agricultural machines like tractors deliver maximum output all the time. “If it is working, it is moving, and normally it is pulling five times its weight as well,” says Tarr. This where the AGRIFARM range from FUCHS comes into play. Agricultural machinery is required to deliver top performance daily, so the correct oil is critical to maintain performance and durability.

The range of speciality agricultural lubricants includes STOU and UTTO products, both developed for use in transmission and hydraulic systems. They can be deployed in brakes designed to run in an oil bath, commonly known as wet brakes. STOU products can also be used be used in an engine if the respective OEM specifications are adhered to. When it comes to lubricating greases for agricultural machinery, RENOLIT combines technical excellence and cost-effectiveness in the largest number of applications.

Visit FUCHS at Stand 74 in the NAMPO Hall. For more information, go to:

Greg Tarr, FUCHS Technical Manager.

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