After years of successful collaboration, S4 Integration (Pty) Ltd, the industry-leading automation & software solutions provider, and renowned specialists in innovative diagnostic solutions for vehicle electronics, DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH announce the start of their joint venture, S4 International, an industrial automation solutions provider based in Aachen, Germany.

The relationship between S4 and DSA dates back to 1994 when S4 began providing local support for DSA in South Africa. To expand this support, S4 established its own software division in 2008, much of which was tailored to DSA’s needs. Since DSA’s official shareholding in S4 in 2010, the collaboration between the two companies has grown steadily, jointly developing turnkey automation and software solutions including the 2021 automated lithium-ion battery-cell tester.

With S4’s years of experience in automation and machine-building and DSA’s expertise in innovative communication solutions for automotive electronics and modular software and hardware solutions for the entire life cycle of vehicles, this joint venture is set to bring a unique offering to the European market. With cost-efficient production and unparalleled manufacturing skills in South Africa as well as DSA’s expertise in end-of-line testing, S4 International will serve customers across Europe.

For more than 40 years, DSA has been a leading expert in the development of innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle electronics. Whether in vehicle development, production, after-sales, or the field of vehicle connectivity, DSA’s modular and flexible solutions support processes during the entire vehicle life cycle. “The launch of S4 International is a further step in our long-term business strategy. With this new venture, we offer complete test and production solutions with a focus on the European market. This way, we bundle our competencies and strengths into a single company that has a face for customers in Europe, close to the customer’s location”, expresses Dr Thomas Huth, Managing Director of DSA.

“We are very excited about the new venture and the potential for further growth of our business locally and abroad,” said Andrew White, MD of S4 Integration. “We have often received requests from our European customers to offer our solutions in Europe and globally. One of the key challenges in doing so is having the resources available in the region to generate sales and, more importantly, offer after-sales support.” Andrew goes on to say, “The establishment of a base in Germany is our first significant step into entering the global market as it enables us to provide the level of service and support our European customers have come to expect from us.”

Most of the anticipated growth will take place in South Africa, intending that all project management, design, manufacturing and initial programming of solutions, machines and production lines be handled at S4’s Headquarters in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The leading industrial automation partner has additional developments underway including a new building to make room for the anticipated growth of its industrial automation manufacturing facility. “We hope to continue to grow and to develop and support the Eastern Cape economy further and create opportunities for skilled and unskilled job seekers,” said Andrew White.

Shawn Browne, Business Development Manager, S4 Integration Dr. Thomas Huth, Managing Director, DSA- Daten und Systemtechnik GmbH Stefan Buys, Business Development Manager, S4 Integration © S4 International

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