Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is introducing AutoMine® AutoLoad 2.0, a new AutoMine® feature that enables fully automated production cycles for loaders operating in fixed drawpoint and dump point mining applications. This autonomous loading technology aims to increase loading cycle consistency while reducing equipment idle time and operating costs.

Building on its predecessor AutoLoad Assist, AutoMine® AutoLoad 2.0 features several design updates and significant improvements to enable operators to control multiple loaders with less intervention. The new feature allows operators to teach loaders different loading profiles for each drawpoint, eliminating the need for an operator to assist in the bucket loading procedure when mucking from drawpoints. These profiles may be saved for future use and default profiles are made available for several loader types.

“We have developed AutoMine® AutoLoad 2.0 to automate part of the production process that has been challenging for our customers,” said Jouni Koppanen, Product Line Manager Automation, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “AutoMine® AutoLoad 2.0 will allow customers to operate 24/7 without worrying about operator intervention during mucking once the profiles have been created. This new feature will help our customers see a direct improvement in their production and cycle time reliability.”

Extensive field tests with customers in Europe and North America have demonstrated that the new technology results in faster loading cycle times and consistent bucket fill factors, with an eight percent increase in tons loaded per hour and 19 percent cycle time improvement.

“We are introducing new technologies and features to our existing platform to support our customers as they advance their AutoMine® operations,” said Ty Osborne, Acting Director Global Automation Product Line and Projects, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “We are confident that this development will enhance customer productivity by enabling fully autonomous production loader cycles while maintaining our industry-leading safety standards.”

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