An up-and-coming auctioneer recently claimed the prestigious title of Auctioneer of the Year at the South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) AGM. Charles Rwizi kept his eye on the prize all the while remaining calm to claim the title. In the realm of auctioneering, where charisma, personality, skills, and the ability to capture an audience’s attention while reading the room, and call-bids simultaneously are all crucial aspects to be an auctioneer, there is more required to claim the title.

He showed exemplary determination, resulting in his efforts propelling him to become the auctioneer of the year 2023. Before the competition commenced, it was announced that for the first time ever, this year’s winner would automatically qualify to compete in the World Championships in Oklahoma. “The once-off chance to compete in the World Championships is the cherry on top.”

Through his talent and unwavering commitment to auctioneering as a craft, he exemplifies the power of hard work. Winning the competition is an unforgettable achievement that has numerous benefits. In addition to the title, there is the remarkable prize of R25,000, that he won for exceptional skills, excelling among peers and talent as an auctioneer. “To be voted top auctioneer by your peers is right up on the top shelf,” he adds.

From an aspiring auctioneer to Auctioneer of the Year

“I am fortunate to have been born with ‘The Gift of the Gab,’ a supportive family, a friend base and the amazing mentors I have come across throughout my career. I am where I am thanks to the works of the late Peter Lovemore, Brian Makwabarara, Andrew Miller and of course, my good friend Gift Ngwenya.

“Winning the competition has provided him with newfound confidence, which is paramount to an auctioneer’s success. Furthermore, it has expanded his network and elevated his professional standing in the auctioneering industry. What sets him apart from other auctioneers are his distinctive techniques, strategies, and presentation skills that have developed over the 20 years he has been “in the game.”

While observing his fellow contestants during the competition, Charles said he remained focused on his own style and delivery. He attributes his machine gun/sewing machine style of auctioneering to his experience in livestock and tobacco auctions, which captures the attention and excitement of the audience.

Creating and sustaining audience engagement is an art form that Charles has mastered. His energetic and dynamic style, combined with his ability to adapt to different audiences, ensures an enthralling auction experience. Here his secret lies in an unwavering focus on the audience’s needs, providing an unforgettable experience.

The journey to success is ongoing.

Charles offers valuable advice to aspiring auctioneers by emphasizing the importance of remaining humble. He encourages aspiring auctioneers to maintain a hunger for learning and to seek opportunities to absorb information from industry peers.

“Always continue practising, self-improvement, stay attuned to the ever-evolving industry trends for it’s the key ingredients for success. Remaining updated with market trends and changes in the auction industry is also key to knowing.

Charles leads with great example of adopting a proactive approach through attending various auctions, even those outside his specific sector, and actively engages in wide-ranging reading to stay abreast of industry developments. He also follows influential auction personalities and embraces digital advancements and marketing shifts, allowing him to adapt and incorporate new strategies into his auctions giving him the completive winner edge.

SAIA auctioneer of the year Charles Rwizi with chairman, John Cowing

Auctioneers from across the country attended the SAIA Auctioneer of the Year competition recently

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