Micromine, a leader in next-generation technology for the global minerals resources industry, has
successfully implemented its innovative fleet management system (FMS) and mine control solution,
Micromine Pitram, at the new underground mine – Goldrush, part of the world’s largest gold mining
complex owned and operated by Nevada Gold Mines (NGM).

For over two decades, the innovative technology suite has been in use at several NGM sites, including
Cortez, Goldstrike, and Leeville. The implementation of Micromine Pitram at Goldrush, NGM’s flagship
development project, is an important next step in enabling the organisation’s growth ambitions.
Phase 1 of the Micromine Pitram implementation was successfully deployed at the Goldrush operation,
consolidating and monitoring production data, including shift and daily production schedules of loaders,
trucks, and drill fleets, in addition to improving accuracy on yield forecasting. As the site’s data
backbone, Micromine Pitram also ensures operational teams and regional management have improved
insight into shift and production activities to improve productivity and plan accuracy.

Micromine Pitram is a market-leading FMS and mine control system deployed to more than 60 of the
largest mining operations around the world. The flexible and easy-to-use platform provides control
room operators with a modern suite of tools that includes fleet and mine production monitoring,
management of shift planning, materials movement and inventory, and the management of operator
qualifications. By harnessing the power of real-time data, Micromine Pitram also provides teams with
increased visibility on live production yields, alleviating the need for manual data collection and
reporting by staff from multiple sources.

“We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making, and we look forward to continuing to evolve
with the innovative Nevada Gold Mines team to support their growth ambitions,” said Erich Guevara,
Head of Business Unit, Micromine Pitram – Americas. “As a market leader, Micromine Pitram is uniquely
positioned to support the rapid decision-making processes critical to large-scale mining operations
across the globe. If you don’t have access to real-time information, you don’t have the granularity
required to make the best decisions possible on key areas, including shift planning, material inventory
management and safety. The implementation of Micromine Pitram at Goldrush is a testament to the
platform’s maturity and industry credentials.”

Located in the Elko region, Nevada, the expansive mining complex is the result of the historic joint
venture between Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Mining Corporation. On an annual basis, the
network of ten underground gold mines collectively moves more than eight million tons of minerals.

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