Launched earlier this year, the Hägglunds Quantum hydraulic motor range exceeds previous performance limits in torque and speed and combines them with high efficiency. Our direct drives can be used in heavy-duty and mobile applications. Hägglunds Quantum is the new name for the previously known Hägglunds CB range. “The Quantum motor has evolved so significantly over time that it can no longer be considered the same motor of the CB range. Tweaks in design and materials have increased its efficiency and tripled its life expectancy, making it the ideal basis for a bold new step in the market,” says Hägglunds Drives South Africa Managing Director, Leif Duwel.

The Hägglunds Quantum range comprises two parts: Hägglunds Quantum, the motor, and Hägglunds Quantum Power. Hägglunds Quantum Power features additional ports and an innovative internal design, which enables higher speeds with full torque capacity and high efficiency.

The Hägglunds Quantum range offers a top speed of over 150 rpm, yet it provides a sustainable maximum torque of more than 350 kNm. At corner power, where the two extremes meet, users can achieve a powerful 3 MW – without sacrificing compactness or efficiency. Hägglunds Quantum Power can deliver high power with greater economy and sustainability than any previous solution:

“The Hägglunds Quantum range rewrites the rules of power density, especially when it comes to efficiency at higher speeds,” says Wolfram Ulrich, Vice President of Sales, Hägglunds Products. “By stretching the limits so far beyond previous solutions, it introduces possibilities for greener operation, mobile applications and more.”

Hägglunds Quantum Power is lighter in weight than the previous CBp motor. This saves resources and reduces emissions during production and transport. For mobile applications, this means reduced weight and fuel consumption. Hägglunds is a Bosch Rexroth brand, a leading global supplier of hydraulic drive and control technologies.

Hägglunds Quantum, where fast acceleration meets sustainability and extended service life.

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