ClickToGo, launched by AfriSam, South Africa’s leading construction materials company, is a gamechanger. This remarkable digital platform is a first of its kind in the construction industry and allows existing customers in South Africa to effortlessly order materials and manage their accounts, providing a seamless experience. The user-friendly online platform, ClickToGo, was developed to provide a digital solution that would ensure convenience and take the customer experience to another level.

“Our goal is to prioritise our customers and drive progress in the industry, and ClickToGo, our innovative e-experience platform, will empower our customers and enhances their interaction with us,” Ilonka de Magalhaes, Customer Experience Manager at AfriSam, says.

ClickToGo offers a range of features designed for ease of use. Customers can easily view their orders, directly order from quotes, review their order history, access essential account documents and credit information and track deliveries effortlessly. Additionally, super users can assign different roles and permissions to staff, facilitating seamless collaboration within organisations.

Launched in November 2021, ClickToGo has gained significant interest with positive feedback from customers. “We are delighted by the response to ClickToGo,” de Magalhaes says. “Almost 70% of our 30-day account customers have already registered and actively use the platform.” It is important to note that AfriSam continuously refines and enhances ClickToGo’s functionality based on valuable feedback from customers and front-line employees. A recent significant development on the innovative ClicktoGo e-platform is the inclusion of cash account customers, extending use of this platform for all account customers and ensuring all can benefit from this streamlined online ordering platform.

Enhancing the customer experience further, AfriSam has integrated ClickToGo with its Online Payment Gateway. Cash account customers can now conveniently place orders and make payments in a single transaction. “Our aim is to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers,” de Magalhaes emphasises. “We want to make the process as effortless as possible.”

Moreover, ClickToGo enables cash account customers to apply for a credit facility directly through the platform, simplifying the process and making it more accessible. At the same time, 30-day account customers now have the ability to request credit limit increases directly on the platform, ensuring a seamless and streamlined user experience.

AfriSam’s ClickToGo is a significant milestone in the company’s digital transformation journey, aligning with its commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. By offering convenience, effectiveness, and transparency, ClickToGo sets a new standard for the construction materials industry. “We aim to redefine the customer experience and cement our position as an industry leader through this innovative e-experience platform,” de Magalhaes concludes.

The ClickToGo e-experience platform offers a range of features, providing a seamless and convenient experience for customers.

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