Four phases of service stands at Twatwa, near Benoni on the East Rand, will have all infrastructural elements completed by end-October 2023. Technicrete, part of the Infrastructure Specialists Group of companies (ISG), supplied JZZ pavers and Mountable and Garden kerbing for the 2,560 stands.

Hendrik Reyneke, Site Manager for Road-Tech, the infrastructure contractors for the project said “The Technicrete quality needs no explanation. The pavers and kerbs supplied were all manufactured to South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) requirements at Technicrete’s Olifantsfontein plant. Additionally, having worked with Technicrete before, their stock-on-hand, delivery, pricing and availability is what gives the company the edge in the market place”.

Interlocking Pavers

Two thousand square metres of Technicrete’s precast 60 mm and 6,000 m2  of their 80 mm grey Zig-Zag (JZZ) interlocking pavers were supplied to the Twatwa Project. The JZZs form a durable hard wearing surface overlay while still remaining a cost-effective paving solution. Offering a superior longevity, they are designed to withstand a high level of foot and vehicle traffic. These are the quality product elements that Technicrete is renowned for and most suited the large areas of application for the pavers and kerbs required at the project.

Fig 8c and Fig 10 Garden Kerbs

The kerbs are pre-cast concrete kerbs. The JZZ 80 mm pavers were used in conjunction with the Fig 8c mountable kerbs. The Fig 10 Garden Kerb, with a light to medium duty bull-nosed edge restraint, supported the 6,000 m2 paversused for the project’s pathways. It is used specifically to service areas where there is a possibility that vehicles can access the pathways and need to be guided to remain on the paved paths. It can also be applied around islands in parking areas with light traffic conditions.

Technicrete always brings product reliability to site with SANAS certification via CMA Certification Services [CMACS]. Additionally, our technical teams’ ability to ensure the correct solution is supplied to match customer requirements is an invaluable service that the Infrastructure Specialists Group offer as a whole” commented Thabani Mtolo, Technicrete’s Sales Consultant.

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