Infobip, a global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel customer engagement, has successfully implemented an omnichannel customer engagement solution for the Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT). The solution aims to help the bank add speed, efficiency, and personalisation to their customer support processes.

KWFT is Kenya’s leading microfinance institution and is uniquely positioned in the market as the only financial organisation to focus solely on women as clients. Their mission is to improve the living standards of low-income populations, using woman as the entry and contact point into low-income families. They offer a portfolio of products and services focused on meeting the needs of women and their families.

KWFT’s relationship with Infobip dates back to 2019 when Infobip provided the bank with the mGate solution, a business bulk and transactional SMS messaging gateway. Since then, Infobip has continued to support KWFT’s growth by integrating its cloud-based contact centre solution, Conversations, and has made further updates to the platform in 2020 and 2021.

Adding WhatsApp

The most recent update to KWFT’s Conversations solution is the addition of the WhatsApp chat app to the platform. Along with the existing SMS, email, and social media channels already on the Conversation platform, integrating WhatsApp into the solution provides the bank with omnichannel capabilities that simplify customer onboarding, speed up query resolution and lighten the burden on call centre agents by automatically handling basic transactions and queries.

Mwangi Githaiga, Managing Director at KWFT, expresses how Infobip’s Conversations platform has significantly improved the customer experience through seamless omnichannel interactions that can be managed via a unified interface.

The platform allows KWFT to disseminate real-time information about products, promotional campaigns, and financial education to their clients throughout the country. “The solution is also dynamic and supports current market trends where organisations and consumers seamlessly interact over the channels of the customer’s choice,” he says.

Easier communication

Ninette Kungu, Senior Customer Success Executive at Infobip Kenya, says that the implementation of Conversations has enabled the bank to move away from traditional communication methods like voice calls or face-to-face meetings, allowing clients to transact or receive customer support, without having to visit a branch.

“This makes communicating with clients easier and has also given support centre agents access to information siloes to get a full view of the customer. This not only allows KWFT to personalise the customer journey, but also to target relevant messaging and promotional campaigns at the right individuals.”

Kungu notes that there are plans for KWFT to implement Infobip’s Moments solution, which facilitates the creation of highly personalised and high-performing campaigns, and the Answers solution which offers Infobip’s chatbot building platform, in the near future. These additions are expected to further improve KWFT’s customer engagement and outreach capabilities.

Ninette Kungu, Senior Customer Success Executive at Infobip Kenya

Mwangi Githaiga, Managing Director at KWFT,

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