Shutterlock live and breathe quality. For over 35 years they have supplied premium products of outstanding quality to industries within mining, manufacturing, construction, oil & gas offshore and agriculture. The harsh environments of these industries result in high demands on the equipment used, and the safety and reliability of our products are essentially what have positioned us as a premium supplier of chain Slings over the years.

At Shutterlock our chain Slings are developed, Fabricated and inspected beyond the highest standards, and we take a long-term responsibility for our chain sling products and services. We are passionate about developing products for our customers’ needs that are safe and reliable, today and in the future. We believe the key to innovation is to truly understand the customer’s needs and to continuously improve our products, services and processes. Every employee at Shutterlock strives to provide excellent support and service, and we take great pride in what we do.

Our expertise, knowledge, commitment and experience is something extraordinary. We are there every step of the way to help our customers be successful and safe in their business and operations. We deliver quality and innovation with passion, peace of mind and performance to every part of the African continent. Knowledge lifts loads off your mind. We want to ensure that you use our chain slings in a safe and correct way when handling your materials. In order to do so, we offer a number of customer training programs in co-operation with The Crosby Group, presented by highly qualified staff, often on site to customers, contractors and end users.

We offer a range of training sessions that will increase both your knowledge of our products and how to handle them safely and correctly, The Crosby Group’s technical courses will not only help to create a safer working environment, but also increase the life span of our products. After successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate, detailing the knowledge achieved.

Chain slings offer multiple advantages to quicker, safer and easier lifting operations

  • Intelligent design: Efficient and ergonomic lifts.
  • Multiple functions in each component: Fewer components in each sling, resulting in cost effective lifting operations.
  • Built in shortening function: Allows the user to instantly adjust the length of chain sling legs individually.
  • Grade 10: Lighter slings and 25 % added strength compared to grade 8.
  • Interchangeable components: Individual components can be replaced rather than replacing the entire chain sling assembly.
  • High quality: All products are proof loaded and visually inspected.

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