Digify Africa, Siyafunda Community Centre CTC and E-Cubed/ DBE-E3 have recently been selected by HP and The Aspen Institute, as part of their 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator initiative, to participate in the upcoming Accelerating Digital Equity Summit, set to take place from October 17th to 19th.  These organisations were chosen among 120 applicants through a selection process that emphasised their reach, impact, and commitment to digital equity. The selected non-profits will receive tailored HP technology solutions worth about $250,000, along with substantial grants for capacity-building. They’ll also gain access to a strong network of global experts in technology, social innovation, non-profit management, and social impact. Additionally, the Accelerator programme will provide them with opportunities for global visibility, including connections with local and international media.

This groundbreaking event is set to tackle the urgent issue of digital equity on a global scale, with a resolute focus on bridging the digital divide and ensuring equitable access to digital tools and resources.

At the core of this summit lies an unwavering commitment to fostering digital inclusion for disadvantaged communities, individuals, and organisations in our interconnected world. Each of the participating NGOs— Digify Africa, Siyafunda Community Centre CTC and E-Cubed /DBE-E3, —play a crucial role in advancing this mission.

Renowned for its digital skills training programs and youth empowerment initiatives, Digify Africa will provide invaluable insights and best practices for building digital skills and fostering digital inclusion.

Siyafunda Community Centre CTC, a dedicated nonprofit organization, leverages its grassroots experience and community-driven initiatives to promote digital literacy and information access. Their unwavering commitment aligns seamlessly with the overarching goals of the summit, aimed at empowering marginalized communities.

E-Cubed /DBE-E3, a pioneering advocate for digital education and empowerment, brings to the forefront its expertise in curriculum development and technology integration. Their participation underscores the imperative of equipping learners and educators with the skills essential for navigating a digital-first future.

“HP takes a multifaceted approach to bridge the global digital divide and promote social and economic equality. This includes ensuring technology access, supporting education and digital literacy, forming partnerships, championing sustainability, and participating in initiatives to address these global challenges. In collaboration with Aspen Digital, we are proud to bring together visionary leaders, including those from South Africa, for the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit. Our collective goal is to develop solutions that uplift the well-being of millions across the globe” said Yesh Surjoodeen, MD Southern Africa at HP

In addition to these esteemed NGO participants, the Accelerating Digital Equity Summit is fortified by the steadfast support of Aspen and HP as key partners. Aspen, renowned for advancing access to quality education, will showcase innovative solutions for digital learning environments. HP, a global technology leader, demonstrates its commitment to creating sustainable and equitable technology access for all.

“At its core, the purpose of the Digital Equity Accelerator is to strengthen the work of organisations addressing social and economic inequalities in their communities,” said Hazami Barmada, Director of the Digital Equity Accelerator. The significance of this summit reverberates on a global scale, as digital equity is a recognized cornerstone in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By closing the digital divide, we collectively ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous world.

Yesh Surjoodeen, MD Southern Africa at HP

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