Legrand’s new 15 W wireless chargers – designed for charging smartphones without the need for cables – offer greater convenience at home, in offices, libraries, restaurants and educational facilities, as well as for travellers in hotels and airport lounges.

These sleek wireless chargers, with the latest technology and enhanced aesthetics, have a thin profile design of less than 1, 5 mm, for horizontal mounting on furniture in kitchen surfaces, offices or transit areas. With Legrand’s convenient charging system, it is not necessary to search for a cable or an available socket – the user simply places the smartphone (equipped with an induction receiver) flat on the wireless stand and it will automatically start charging.

Important features of this flush-mounted charging system include an 8 cm² induction antenna for quick pairing and fast charging of a smartphone and a special non-slip surface coating to hold the mobile phone safely in place during charging. These chargers are available in aluminium, black or white in colour and can be powered via a universal RJ45 cord with tap-off possibility or 2P plug. The unit is designed for insertion in an 80 mm diameter cut-out that is integrated into furniture.

Notable features include a standby power consumption of less than 0.07 W and energy efficiencies of greater than 85%, in compliance with the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi standard for integration into furniture. In addition, there is no interference with other wireless signals in the installation, for example Zigbee, DTT, GSM and 4G. Technical characteristics include high impact resistance (IK 08) and an IP44 protection rating against the ingress of solid bodies and liquids for the upper part of the device installed in furniture.

Legrand’s 15 W surface mount wireless chargers are also available in kit form – aluminium in colour and supplied with an external 25 W mobile power supply and a 2.5 m RJ45 cord, cable ties, adhesive bases and an identification sticker for public areas. This practical range also encompasses 10 W vertical wireless charging units, fitted with two induction antennae, for fast smartphone charging on indoor walls or in outside areas like patios, or near a swimming pool.

These aluminium coloured weatherproof (IP66) devices have excellent resistance to impacts (IK08). Technical features include a plate which is vertically installed at an angle of 10°, attached with two screws at the sides or fixed at four points. This device can be fixed directly on the flush-mounting box or for extra strength, it can be drilled with anchor bolts. A non-slip coating holds the terminal safely in place during charging. Through Legrand’s ongoing launch of advanced products, the local market keeps abreast with the latest global trends. These new wireless chargers will soon be available throughout the country from Legrand and its extensive distributor network, which also offer a technical advisory and support service.

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