Setting the gold standard since 1969, Magnitech has consistently transformed lighting within the mining and engineering sectors. Our distinguished reputation stems from our commitment to innovative technology, exceptional service, and superior lighting solutions.

Global Footprint, Local Expertise:

Our trailblazing products are the backbone of operations in mines, power stations, and factories across multiple continents. Chosen by leading industrial operators, mining houses, and subsidiaries around the world, our solutions resonate with the world’s top consulting engineers. Our reach extends from Africa to the Middle East, Australia, and South America. Here, our SANS and ISO:9001 compliant products continuously surpass stringent standards such as UL and the Australian Test Authority.

Robust Products for Demanding Environments

In mining and heavy industry, equipment must survive the toughest conditions. Magnitech’s products are meticulously designed with this fact at the core. Each luminaire is carefully engineered to be fit-for-purpose, thriving under the rigorous conditions of a mining environment.

Bespoke Approach for Unique Challenges

Our team, equipped with more than 50 years of rich expertise, tailors exceptional product designs to the unique needs of our clients and the market. We don’t just cater to the present; we anticipate the future, addressing site-specific challenges and technical necessities head-on.

Enduring Relationships, Sustainable Solutions

At Magnitech, we value lasting client relationships and believe in offering products that reflect our commitment to cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, sustainability, and ease of maintenance.

Designing for Life

Attention to detail and intelligent design underpin our offerings. We consider the entire operating life of our products, focusing on modularity and accessibility for ease of maintenance, which translates into significant lifetime savings.

Unmatched Service

Our passionate team of lighting engineers provides comprehensive services. From needs assessments to bespoke lighting designs, we ensure that our products meet specific technical and statutory requirements, performing beyond expectations and within budget. Choose Magnitech, and illuminate your mining operations with purpose-designed, robust lighting solutions.

iLangaLED Maxi Streetlight
MagLED Mini Bulkhead
MagFlood Floodlight

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