MESA Africa, the African chapter of Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International (MESA), was proud to announce an exciting lineup of thought leaders and industry experts for its upcoming event focused on Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Under the theme “Sharing Our Knowledge – Building Your Success,” MESA Africa intentionally brought together manufacturers, producers, industry leaders, and solution providers to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing technology. This incredible feat was made possible, with the amazing support of their key Sponsors, including Schneider Electric, Iriton Pty Ltd, Pragma Global, 4Sight, MESA International, SAIMC, Montgomery Group and Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd.

Lullu Krugel, Chief Economist at PwC South Africa, kicked off the event with a comprehensive overview of the “Economic and Risk Outlook 2023-2024.” With a focus on building business resilience in the post-COVID-19 era, Krugel emphasized the role of digital collaboration, IIoT leverage, operational systems integration, and the importance of a connected enterprise in navigating long-term socio-economic challenges.

Dave Wibberley, MD/CEO at Adroit Technologies, revolutionized the discussion around energy management in his talk, “An Asset and Energy Management Journey.” Wibberley explored cost optimization and advocated for a deeper understanding and control of the energy value chain through people, process, partnerships, and technology. His innovative approach integrates IoT platforms for digital Asset and Energy Management in both the Retail and Industrial Sectors.

Jan Robberts, Director at Ki Leadership Institute, presented “Food Sustainability Through Synergy Between Agriculture and Manufacturing.” Robberts advocated powerfully for alignment, exploring the transformative potential of uniting agriculture and manufacturing in Africa. His talk highlighted the need for robust government support and emphasize collaborative growth through innovative methods, sustainable resource management, and cross-sector collaboration for economic prosperity.

Neels van der Walt, Senior Business Development Manager at Iritron, unravelled the brilliance of “Smart Mining Operations Management.” Providing key dimensions and trends, Van der Walt offered eight practical tips to implement intelligent mining operations. His vision includes eliminating data silos, providing a unified truth, and optimizing information access for streamlined mining operations.

Harshini Vallabh Rattan and Bernice Wessels from PwC South Africa both presented a dynamic talk on “Ensuring Sustainability and Resilience of the Workforce and Organization.” Delving into strategic questions, their approach spans well-being, pensions, lifestyle, healthcare, purpose, training, and performance-based incentives. They also spoke deeply into implications of culture traits for enticing ways of work in the organisation and fostering enhanced productivity and business benefit.

Dr. Suven Ramsunder, a Digital Transformation Expert at Schneider Electric, explored “The Evolution of the Digital Person.” Highlighting challenges and opportunities arising from diverse communication preferences and technological literacy, Ramsunder advocates for bridging gaps through mutual understanding, adaptation, and effective communication strategies for a cohesive digital future.

Wayne Hempel, Head of Technology, Innovation, and Systems at Minopex, unveiled “The Future of Smart Mineral Processing,” presenting the industry’s progress, challenges, and the complexity of extraction. Hempel introduced the NeuroMine Insights Centre & Systems, a fit-for-purpose operating model identifying, resolving, and tracking opportunities at an operational level aligned with business goals for transformative success.

Walker Reynolds, Chairman of Intellic Integration USA, in a compelling talk, he delved into the core of digital transformation, decoding its complexities and stressing digital maturity. From Industry 3.0 to seamless integration, he envisioned the future business landscape. Reynolds highlighted data operations as the linchpin for successful transformation, elucidating the pivotal roles of data, information, and infrastructure ownership. He even outlined a five-year roadmap to becoming a Smart Business, centered on discerning patterns, predicting trends, and making informed decisions through data analysis. MESA Africa invited delegates from all parts of Industry, to join this transformative event, promoting collaboration, innovation, and success in the ever-evolving landscape of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

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