In the midst of tight economic constraints and water scarcity challenges, maintenance teams are increasingly seeking innovative solutions that can work more efficiently and save on time, money, water and resources. This includes the approach to unblocking and cleaning sewer lines, stormwater drains and sewer pump stations, among other things.

Werner Pumps, leading manufacturer of high-pressure jetting equipment and industrial vacuum solutions in South Africa, has designed a special truck-mounted recycling jetting and vacuuming unit, which recycles the water from the vacuum component for high-pressure jetting. “This is literally an ‘all-in-one’ piece of equipment,” says Sebastian Werner, MD of Werner Pumps.

“The units save on time, money and water usage, so they offer multiple benefits to maintenance teams, and they are also a great solution for remote or water scarce locations where the recycling of the water through the system becomes especially valuable,” he adds.

These trucks are particularly appealing for municipality maintenance teams, as they allow teams to solve a range of blockage and drainage issues, from the simple to the complex, using a single piece of equipment. “Our water recycling unit can save up to 168 000l of clean water in each 8-hour shift,” explains Werner.

Werner Pumps recently handed over a truck-mounted recycling unit to the Rand West Municipality in Gauteng. This is the first unit of its kind that the municipality has purchased and it’s one of the first municipalities in South Africa to invest in this type of equipment. “We have since received an order from the municipality for a second recycling truck,” says Werner.

Werner Pumps designed the water recycling units for rugged African conditions and manufactures them locally at its premises in Springs. The use of high-quality components and workmanship during construction makes each recycling unit highly effective for cleaning sewer and stormwater lines. The units can be customised to meet customers’ specifications and the 12.500 litre stainless steel tank is mounted on the client’s preferred chassis make and model. This means that Werner Pumps can incorporate specific requests like working with specific vehicle brands and fitting a broad range of accessories.

Due to its contact-free rotor design, the vacuum pump is extremely quiet, which makes it effective when working in residential areas as it doesn’t contribute to excessive noise pollution. The unit is equipped with 3100m3/hr suction and a 6-inch 360-degree suction boom line capacity. It also has a single cylinder pressure transformer jetting pump, with that can operate at 350l/min at 200bar.

Werner Pumps also supplies a wide variety of accessories for its units, including high-pressure guns with lances, high-pressure jetting hoses (20m, 30m or 50m), low-water inlet switches, nozzle holders and fan nozzles. “We work with our customers to help them solve their high-pressure jetting and vacuuming needs and can advise on how best to service particular application,” Werner says.

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