In the dynamic landscape of consulting engineering, Zutari stands out not only for its innovative projects, but also for its unwavering commitment to socio-economic development, especially education. The company’s focus on promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, nurturing emerging talent, and achieving excellence in its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) status is a testament to its values and social licence to operate.

At the heart of Zutari’s commitment to education lies its Learner Excellence Programme and Maths & Science EduCate Programme, in partnership with Protec and Primestars, to cultivate success in STEM careers. These initiatives target underserved Grade 12 students in local communities, striving to enhance their academic performance and nurture a pipeline of skilled engineering professionals for Zutari and the broader industry.

“Our aspiration is to offer undergraduate scholarships post-Grade 12, nurturing a pipeline of much-needed engineering professionals for Zutari and South Africa. We believe in reducing educational disparities and contributing to poverty eradication,” says Senzekile Mdluli, Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & CSI at Zutari. The company’s approach goes beyond financial support and includes in-person tutoring, holiday classes, and online learning opportunities.

“By investing in their education and providing essential resources and support, our aim is to empower them to achieve their full potential, becoming tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers,” adds Mdluli. The aim is to inspire and empower these students by showcasing the vast opportunities within engineering. “We firmly believe in the potential of STEM careers to shape a better future. Through engaging activities such as bridge-building competitions and motivational talks, our intention is to ignite a passion for engineering in young individuals,” says Mdluli.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Zutari engages actively in eradicating poverty within the communities surrounding its business. Its passion for education extends beyond academic improvement as it seeks to expand learners’ career prospects, bridge educational gaps, and contribute to poverty alleviation efforts. Another priority is to reduce gender inequality and empower women, both within the business and the communities it serves. Its socio-economic development efforts are based on sustainable initiatives to ensure continuous empowerment beyond its immediate involvement.

As Zutari continues to strengthen relationships and build capacity, its commitment to education, diversity, and inclusion remains a driving force. The company not only pursues engineering excellence but also envisions an inclusive, diverse industry representative of the South African population. “Our dedication to education aims to enhance learners’ performance and broaden their career horizons. Our collective aim is to enhance learner performance and enable them to realise their full potential,” highlights Mdluli. With each learner supported, Zutari paves the way for a more inclusive and brighter future in the consulting engineering industry.

Senzekile Mdluli, Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & CSI at Zutari.

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