Click-to-chat ads are a form of interactive advertising that allows businesses to connect with their audience in real-time on WhatsApp from their social media ads. This dynamic tool is rapidly emerging as a powerhouse, presenting a myriad of advantages for organisations seeking to elevate their outreach and engagement.

Unlike traditional ads that direct users to an advertiser’s website or prompt them to fill out a form, click-to-chat ads facilitate direct communication through messaging apps by instantly redirecting customers to a chat window where they can initiate a conversation with the brand or organisation.

The main benefits of click-to-chat ads include increased engagement, improved customer lifetime value and zero-cost re-engagement. In addition, businesses are able to measure the success of their click-to-chat ads using analytics that provide a comprehensive view of the end-to-end customer journey.

When a user clicks on a social media ad – such as on Facebook or Instagram – the seamless transition to a WhatsApp chat window provides not only a smooth user experience but also facilitates a more personalised interaction, as the WhatsApp platform provides businesses with the ability to craft a personalised and direct engagement with their customers.

Additionally, click-to-chat ads can further enhance customer engagement by providing an aspect of immediate communication, allowing customer queries to be addressed faster. This efficiency and convenience can be extended further by integrating chatbots onto the WhatsApp platform that enable automated responses on a 24/7/365 basis.

Insight into customer journey

Another key advantage comes from the analytics associated with click-to-chat ads that provide insights into the entire customer journey. There are numerous key metrics and data that these analytics offer, starting with the tracking of the initial interaction between the customer and the ad. This can provide valuable insights into what type of content catches the attention of customers and what prompts them to engage with the brand. This data can be used to improve the ad design in future to attract more customers.

Click-to-chat ads also allow businesses to analyse conversation progression and understand the most common queries, concerns, and interests of customers, revealing the critical points in their decision-making process. Analytics can also assist with conversation tracking, which gives businesses insight into the effectiveness of a chat in terms of driving the desired business action which could be the sale of a product, a booking, a registration, or a sign-up to a service.

Another key metric around the customer journey is the insight into the post-interaction behaviour of the customer, which includes repeat purchases, website visits and engagements with any subsequent marketing campaigns that the brand might be running.

Other important data insights that businesses can glean from click-to-chat ads include clickthrough rates, response times to customer queries, the number of messages exchanged and the length of the conversation, as well as customer satisfaction levels.

Define the target audience

Businesses that are looking to integrate their Facebook Business pages with WhatsApp Business accounts to leverage click-to-chat ads effectively must ensure that they can define their target audience by leveraging tools such as Facebook Insights to understand their customer demographics, behaviours, and preferences. This is critical to tailoring more effective ad content.

Equally important is the Call To Action (CTA), such as “send message” or “swipe up to chat”, contained within a click-to-chat ad.  The CTA should clearly indicate what exactly the customer is able to do by clicking on it, whether it is chatting to get more information, initiating a support inquiry, or sending a message to start an engagement with the business. The CTA must be simple, clear, concise, and easy to understand.

On the other hand, businesses must be ready to receive incoming messages that are going to come as a result of customers engaging with their click-to-chat ads. They can do this by setting up automated responses or integrating chatbots in their WhatsApp channel to ensure that when customers reach out, they get immediate feedback. Considering the benefits of click-to-chat ads, businesses should be encouraged to leverage the power of this type of advertising. Not only do click-to-chat ads bring value to the entire customer journey, but organisations can leverage a host of analytics to make better decisions and improve their marketing campaigns.

George Muhia, Industry Lead – Africa Digital Natives at Infobip

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