The RENOLIT CXS GSM series from FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA provides excellent extreme pressure protection, which is crucial for heavy-duty applications like mining. It forms a durable lubricating film to prevent metal-to-metal contact, reduce wear, and extend the life of pins, bushes, slew gears, and slew bearings.

“Mining equipment often operates under high loads and harsh conditions,” says Dave Gons, Mining Export Technical Support. The RENOLIT CXS GSM series has a high load-carrying capacity, allowing it to handle heavy loads and resist the effects of shock and impact. This helps to maintain smooth operation and minimise downtime due to equipment failure.

It is a high-performance calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease formulated with 100% virgin base oils, an optimised extreme pressure and anti-wear additive system, a corrosion and oxidation additive package, and fortified with a synergistic solids additive system for maximum protection in heavily loaded and shock loaded applications.

This blend of solid additives provides for improved performance over straight 5% Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) grease alone. Industrial applications include steel and metals, mining, quarrying and exploration, machinery and equipment, construction, cement, agriculture, forestry, and metal processing.

Mining operations may involve exposure to water, such as in open-pit mines or during the cleaning of equipment. The CXS GSM Series has excellent water resistance properties, providing a protective barrier against water ingress. It assists to prevent corrosion and rust formation in a range of arduous mining industry applications:

Open-Pit Mining: In large open-pit mines, heavy-duty equipment such as draglines, shovels, excavators, blast hole drills, and auxiliary equipment are used to extract minerals. Operating in harsh conditions, the RENOLIT CXS GSM Series ensures that greased components are well-lubricated and protected against the environment, thus reducing wear.

Underground Mining: In underground mining operations, equipment like continuous miners, trackless mining machines, tunnel boring machines, and longwall shearers work in confined and harsh conditions. RENOLIT CXS GSM lubricants provide the necessary protection for critical components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Haul Trucks and Dumpers: Large haul trucks and dumpers transport mined materials within the mining site. RENOLIT CXS GSM lubricants offer excellent protection for these heavy-duty vehicles, allowing them to withstand the arduous operating environment.

Drilling and Exploration: Drilling rigs and exploration equipment used to identify and assess mineral deposits are exposed to extreme environments. RENOLIT CXS GSM lubricants ensure these machines operate smoothly and efficiently, even when subjected to high temperatures and harsh drilling conditions.

Slew Rings: Slew rings require a lubricant that adheres well to their surfaces, even under high loads and rotational forces. The CXS GSM Series offers excellent adhesion properties so that the lubricant stays in place for continuous protection, even in demanding mining applications.

Mining operations can experience extreme temperature variations, ranging from hot to cold environments. The RENOLIT CXS GSM Series from FUCHS is formulated to perform reliably across a wide temperature range, maintaining its lubricating properties and offering protection from excessive wear and damage.

“The RENOLIT CXS GSM Series is designed to provide long-lasting lubrication, allowing for extended maintenance intervals. This helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs, as well as improves overall equipment efficiency and productivity,” concludes Gons.

Dave Gons, Mining Export Technical Support.

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