Orica’s Exel™ Neo lead-free non-electric detonator range has won the 2023 Mining Magazine Award for Technology and Innovation in Surface Mining.
In September 2023, Orica announced the launch of Exel™ Neo non-electric detonator range to address the market need for environmentally friendly initiation systems. The product has been successfully trialled at quarrying and mining sites across Europe and is now available for shipment.

Manufactured close to the customer base in Europe, Exel™ Neo detonators use the proven Non Primary Explosives Detonator (NPED) technology and are therefore free of lead azide and any other lead compounds in the pyrotechnic delay compositions or within the detonator. Neo is Orica’s new brand for environmentally friendly, sustainable initiation systems products.

The Exel™ Neo range can be used in quarry and construction projects, underground and surface mining operations. The product performs with the same precision levels as Orica’s standard Exel™ detonators, tested by an accredited laboratory as part of the CE certification process (including for the timing delay accuracy and scatter patterns).

Find out more: orica.com/ExelNeo
Orica’s Chief Technology Officer Angus Melbourne said: “With 150 years of expertise in technology, we are proud to see the lead-free Exel™ Neo product range being recognised for the exceptional innovation that it is. This is a significant breakthrough for the industry. We are taking this opportunity to thank our global and regional experts on delivering this cutting-edge technology to the market, with more updates to follow in due course.”

This sentiment was further shared by Orica’s Group Executive and EMEA President James Bonnor saying: “We are thrilled to be able to offer the world’s first lead-free detonator range to our customers. This milestone reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the market, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our customers and the environment. The Exel™ Neo product range of more environmentally friendly and sustainable detonators is the step in the right direction as we continue to help our customers meet their productivity, environmental, social and governance aspirations.”

Exel™ Neo products manufactured in Gyttorp, Sweden
Exel™ Neo manufacturing team based in Gyttorp, Sweden

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