Included in BMG’s range of oils, additives and care products are silicone sealing compounds, which have been developed by Liqui Moly to seal various materials in diverse industries, across the industrial, construction, mining, marine, agricultural and automotive sectors.

Liqui Moly silicone sealing compounds – available in transparent and black – are heat-resistant, single-component sealants that vulcanise under the influence of air humidity and cure quickly to form a permanently elastic mass.

“Our advanced silicone sealing compounds are used to effectively seal materials like metal, plastic, glass, porcelain and painted wood surfaces. This liquid product is conveniently packaged in aerosol form for easy sealing housings on engines, transmissions, differentials, end covers, oil pans, valve covers and water pumps, as well as battery boxes and headlights,” says Carlo Beukes, Business Development Manager, Agricultural, Automotive and Lubrication divisions, BMG. “These sealants are also highly effective for use on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, engines, transmissions, containers and vehicles.”

Notable properties of Liqui Moly sealing compounds include good adhesion to vertical surfaces, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding thermal stability and resistance to stresses and vibrations. These components are free of solvents and formaldehyde and can withstand temperatures from – 40 °C to + 250 °C and for short periods up to + 300 °C.

Other advantages are easy, single-hand application, without mess or waste. Liqui Moly sealing compounds cure in approximately eight minutes and have an 18-month shelf life in the original re-sealable packaging once opened.

BMG specialists also recommend using Liqui Moly sealant remover (Part number 3626 LM) to effortlessly dissolve burnt on and hardened sealing compounds or adhesives from valve covers, cylinder heads, water pumps, oil sumps, flange seals and vehicle, engine, exhaust and mechanical parts. This fast-acting sealant remover offers substantial savings in time and effort, making a cleaning task that was previously laborious and costly, totally painless.

Liqui Moly chemicals, which have been developed in Germany to the highest quality standards, reduce operational and maintenance costs and also enhance environmental protection.

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