The commitment to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) should go beyond mere compliance and obligatory tick boxes, according to Brenton Spies, Managing Director of Booyco Engineering. According to Spies, the company has entrenched a genuine focus on lending substantive support to non-profit organisations dedicated to uplifting women and girls, forming a central part of Booyco Engineering’s corporate ethos.

For several years, Booyco Engineering has contributed significantly to the Frida Hartley Shelter located in Yeoville, Johannesburg. The shelter serves as a haven for homeless women and their children, who often bear the scars of neglect, abuse, trauma and incessant hardships of life on the streets. It also supports women who have lost employment, young homeless mothers striving for a fresh start and individuals navigating through financial turmoil due to retrenchment or unemployment.

Spies says that the Frida Hartley Shelter is not just a shelter; it is a platform for empowerment and renewal. The non-profit organisation offers more than just accommodation. Women at the shelter receive crucial psycho-social support, employment assistance and access to training programmes designed to equip them with skills for a better future. Further and importantly, the shelter ensures children accompanying their mothers receive proper nutrition and childcare. This provision allows mothers to focus on job-hunting and rebuilding their lives without undue stress.

Aligned with its own goal of facilitating skills development and learning, Booyco Engineering extends its support to other non-profit organisations concentrating on tertiary education. The company particularly backs educational initiatives that align with its business operations, thereby creating a synergy between its corporate goals and social investment endeavours.

“This strategic approach not only fosters a knowledgeable and skilled workforce but also ensures that the beneficiaries are aptly prepared for employment opportunities within and beyond Booyco Engineering,” Spies says.

Booyco Engineering’s CSI goes beyond mere token gestures of support, and the company is engaged deeply and sincerely with its beneficiary organisations, mirroring a commitment that is both strategic and heartfelt.

“By supporting organisations like Frida Hartley Shelter, we can not only provide immediate relief to women and children in distress but also invest in the long-term development and empowerment of individuals who have been marginalised and disadvantaged” he continues.

The alliance with Frida Hartley Shelter and other similar organisations reflects the company’s vision of a corporate identity that is deeply intertwined with social upliftment and empowerment, making a significant impact where it truly matters. This dual focus on immediate aid and sustainable development underscores Booyco Engineering’s approach to corporate social responsibility – an approach that is both responsible and visionary.

The Frida Hartley Shelter supports women who has lost employment, young homeless mothers and individuals navigating financial turmoil.
The Frida Hartley Shelter serves as a haven for homeless women and their children
Booyco Engineering has contributed significantly to the Frida Hartley Shelter located in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

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