Wire ropes, chain hoists, brake linings, rope guides and control pendants are but a few of thousands of fast-moving components that will need replacing during the normal wear and tear process of your lifting equipment. Also, parts may become damaged and deteriorate more quickly due to incorrect operator use or lack of maintenance. Either way, through our own local Konecranes and Demag Distribution Centre, we supply guaranteed Konecranes spare parts to customers, as well as replacement parts for all other makes and models – no matter who made your crane” says Ian Grobler, Sales Manager, Konecranes and Demag South Africa.

“Allowing lifting equipment to continue to operate, despite having worn components, can lead to safety consequences for more than just the operator in the plant. Regular inspections of critical and essential performing parts ensure a safe and optimised equipment performance, enhances the life span of the machine and reduces downtime dramatically” said Grobler.

Konecranes’ Distribution Centre, based at Linbro Park, Sandton carries a sufficient stock holding of spare components to meet customer demand. Genuine Konecranes parts are the best protection for your investment in Konecranes lifting equipment. They might cost a little more than generic parts, but being of a higher engineering quality they pay off handsomely in performance and uptime in the long run.

Grobler said “The company has over 600,000 assets covered by service agreements, this experience combined with our knowledge of our customer’s processes and environment allows us to provide recommendations for the establishment of a practical spare parts inventory. We keep thousands of ‘fast moving parts’ stock across all of our distribution centres. Our technicians can install any parts required as well as support any in-house maintenance with via an inspection programme”.

Konecranes and Demag have, through strategic acquisitions, a number of brands under the Konecranes umbrella, making them a preferred OEM for replacement parts. Equivalent Parts either manufactured by Konecranes or sourced from suppliers other than the original manufacturer are available and backed by the Konecranes Warranty.

Konecranes Performance Parts are engineered for a more demanding environment for which they were originally intended and offer the customer a more improved durability on cranes in critical process applications.

Grobler commented, “It makes sense for customers to maintain a healthy stock of parts that are subject to normal wearing in order to find a quick replacement when needed. In the event of an emergency, having spare components on hand will reduce costly downtime and eliminate delays while parts are then sourced”.

“Keeping an eye on your crane’s component performance is key to keeping your crane performance optimised. We believe in regular inspections so that reports can be loaded online for ease of access and reference. This also enables the customer to stock those components that have been identified as possibly needing replacement in the short to medium term” concluded Grobler.

Konecranes and Demag are recognised as leaders in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment globally. The company’s extensive knowledge of crane components and maintenance enables their technicians to understand the unique requirements of each brand and to provide a professional service in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry’s best practice codes.

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