In an era where technological advancements shape every facet of our lives, the lifting equipment industry is no exception. From construction sites to manufacturing plants, the integration of cutting-edge technology has transformed traditional lifting practices, enhancing safety, efficiency, and overall productivity.

Welgro has partnered with the Kito Crosby Technology Division to drive the implementation of these solutions within the various lifting operations across the African continent.

Two of the solutions at the forefront of this initiative are, Crosby | BlokCam, a wireless crane camera system and Crosby | Straightpoint, load monitoring solutions. Both solutions have earned international recognition for innovation and safety, underscoring their dedicated efforts to enhance the lifting industry.


BlokCam improves communication and overall awareness during lifting operations by using advance audio-visual technology that gives the crane operators an unobstructed live feed of the load, surroundings, and other critical areas

Safety Focus

  • Reduces hazards, impacts and collisions around operations.
  • Confirms load security before starting the lift and allows adjustments and corrections to be made during the lift.
  • Reduces “The Blind Lift”
  • Improves communication between the crane operator and the rigging team, and recorded lifts can be reviewed for improvements.
  • Helps reduce crane operator stress and improves lifting times.


The RLP is a wireless tension load cell capable of weight and dynamic load monitoring in capacities from 1 – 500t, and can be used in combination with the high speed ‘INSIGHT’ data logging software for simultaneous control, display, and real time data logging.

Constructed from high-quality aerospace grade aluminium, the RLP features an advanced internal design structure. This design provides the product with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio enabling it to tackle any operation.

Value adding

  • Accurate load weight measurements to prevent overloading, and center of gravity calculations reports which can be complied for lifting plans and observations.
  • Constant real time data monitoring for up to 4 load cells simultaneously on its handheld or 126 load cells with the INSIGHT software
  • Reports indicating the recorded high, low, and dynamic shock load data of the project which can be analyzed once completed and help contribute to better preventative maintenance practices, improved safety, efficiency, and team competency.


By integrating complementary technological solutions, operations can foster safer practices in lifting operations. These solutions convert data into interpretable information that helps identify unsafe and inefficient factors, enabling continuous improvement to policies and practices.

Welgro achieved success with its 2023 Smart Lifting Solutions Roadshow, effectively showcasing these innovative solutions to operations across the mining, industrial, marine, and offshore industries.

Kyle Handley MD of Welgro Engineering and Mining Supplies said, “It was really exciting to see how well the technology solutions were received by operations both big and small, and in the end the roadshow resulted in operations adopting a standardized approach, choosing either one or both solutions for critical and non-routine lifts. We look forward to continuing this journey in 2024 and hope to connect many more operations to impeccable quality products backed by superior service.”

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