A reliable and efficient solution for automatic lubrication in industrial machinery is the SAL Elite single point lubricator, distributed by ISO-Reliability Partners, a leading provider of reliability and lubrication systems.

“The SAL Elite ensures consistent and precise lubrication of critical machine components,” comments Craig FitzGerald. Other benefits include reduced friction, wear, and premature component failure by delivering the right quantity of lubricant at regular intervals.

The German manufactured, single-point lubricator is a robust, compact unit consisting of an electro-mechanical drive with replaceable lube cup with grease capacity options of 60 g, 120 g and 250 g. The drive unit is versatile and can be direct or remote mounted, up to 2 m, in the case of high vibration or falling objects.

It is installed directly at the lubrication point on the machinery, such as a bearing, chain, or gear. The system uses an electromechanical drive to gradually release lubricant, preset according to the application requirements. Lubricant flows through a feed line or tube to reach the lubrication point.

Features include adjustable dispensing intervals from one to 12 months, meaning users can set the desired lubricant release frequency according to their specific requirements. The system is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. The SAL Elite features green LEDs to confirm the unit is operational. It flashes amber when the lubricant cartridge needs replacement and red if not operational or empty.

In addition, it is compatible with different types of lubricants from greases to oils. Common applications include manufacturing, mining, automotive, and food processing. The system is ideal for critical components such as conveyor systems, pumps, electric motors, fans, and particularly in the case of hard-to-reach or rotating machinery.

“Remember that correct selection of the lubricant type, rotational speeds, and its ability to resist water washout is essential. Regular monitoring will guarantee that the system functions correctly over an extended lifespan,” highlights FitzGerald. He advises that customers follow manufacturer guidelines for easy installation and best practice maintenance.

“The SAL Elite system contributes to overall equipment reliability and operational efficiency by automating a critical aspect of maintenance. Of course, regular inspections and adherence to best practice are essential for optimal performance,” adds FitzGerald.

Advantages of the SAL Elite single point lubrication system

  • Reduced downtime: Continuous lubrication minimises unplanned downtime due to component failures.
  • Cost-savings: Precise lubrication prevents over-lubrication and wastage of lubricant.
  • Extended component life: Proper lubrication extends the lifespan of bearings, gears, and other moving parts.
  • Maintenance efficiency: Technicians can focus on other tasks while the system handles lubrication automatically.

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