Sungrow, a leading global PV inverter and energy storage system supplier, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the three-phase hybrid inverter, specifically designed to address the unique energy needs of South African consumers. The unveiling event at the esteemed Houghton Hotel, The Venue, showcased this groundbreaking technology, offering customized energy solutions for residential and enterprise nationwide.

“South Africa has long grappled with electricity challenges, from load shedding to infrastructure limitations,” remarked Ezzat Sankari, Channels Business Director for Sungrow Middle East and Africa at Sungrow. “With our latest three-phase hybrid inverter, we seize the opportunity to contribute to the solution, offering households and enterprises more confidence in power usage. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness ensures that our inverter empowers consumers with newfound control over their energy usage.”

Sungrow’s 3-Phase product offers a range of benefits tailored to the South African market:

• MORE POWERFUL: The SH15-25T with SBR is a highly powerful solution that can start and run more appliances like Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning units, pool pumps, and more during a grid outage, catering to the increased electricity demands of large homes. No matter the size of your house, our solution guarantees to meet all your needs.

• MORE INDEPENDENCE: Enjoy year-round reliability with stand-alone supply capability, regardless of external network conditions, offering true independence from grid constraints.

• MORE EFFICIENCY: 3 MPPTs for different orientations operate between 150-950V, optimizing roof space and extending working hours. All panel compatibility ensures maximum energy utilization.

• MORE CONFIDENT ON SAFETY: With reliable Safety measures, Leading AFCI 200ms shutdown on system errors with a maximum 200 meters for system safety. NRS and IEC certifications certified by TUV and SGS ensure compliance and reliability.

• MORE SMART HOME: The iSolar cloud app optimizes solar energy usage and increases consumption transparency, providing 10 sec data refresh rates on power consumption.

• MORE FLEXIBILITY: Flexible combination of battery and inverters and easy system expansion at any time.

Sungrow’s three-phase inverters are engineered to thrive in South Africa’s diverse weather conditions. Sungrow inverters consistently deliver optimal performance, ensuring reliable power generation.

Sungrow offers an exceptional after-sale experience tailored to South African consumers. With a 10-year warranty on the battery and a standalone 5-year warranty on the inverter, you can extend the warranty for an additional 5 years. Backed by over 25 years of expertise, quick replacement services, and extensive maintenance coverage across the country, Sungrow provides peace of mind and reliable support whenever needed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience MORE with Sungrow’s three-phase hybrid inverter. For more information on pricing and availability, visit Sungrow

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