NGV Gas, a subsidiary of CNG Holdings, celebrated a significant milestone on March 13, 2024, commemorating its 10-year anniversary since the opening of its flagship public filling station in Langlaagte. The event was attended by esteemed board members, executives, and dedicated employees, reflecting on a decade of groundbreaking achievements, and highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability through the supply of compressed natural gas to vehicles.

Reflecting on the journey that began in September 2013, le Roux highlighted the perseverance and determination that propelled NGV Gas through obstacles and challenges. From the initial stages of site clearance to the grand opening in March 2014, every milestone was a testament to the company’s values of respect, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Since its inception, NGV Gas has revolutionised the transportation sector in South Africa, converting over 1,300 taxis, minibuses, and buses to run on natural gas. This transformation not only offers cost-effective fuel alternatives but also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Josua le Roux, CEO of CNG Holdings, emphasised the company’s vision to be a market leader in supplying environmentally friendly energy solutions. “As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to utilising advanced technologies and equipment to serve the market while upholding our core values of respect, accountability, integrity, transparency, fairness, and our entrepreneurial spirit,” stated le Roux.

Looking ahead, le Roux emphasised the importance of continuing the legacy of excellence and innovation. With a focus on advancing greener and more sustainable energy solutions, NGV Gas remains steadfast in its mission to be a market leader in environmental-friendly energy supply.

Highlighting NGV Gas’s dedication to environmental stewardship, le Roux re-emphasized the initiation of the Green Transport Initiative in 2022. This initiative aims to further reduce carbon footprint by supplying gas to dedicated gas trucks for delivering tube trailers to customers. The company has appointed a new gas transportation provider, marking a significant step towards achieving its green objectives.

During the celebration, le Roux expressed gratitude to long-serving staff members for their exceptional dedication and service. He also acknowledged the leadership of former CEO Stephen Rothman, whose vision and dedication laid the foundation for NGV Gas’s success.

Looking ahead, le Roux emphasised the importance of continuing the legacy of excellence and innovation, urging everyone to push the boundaries of what is possible. “Together, we will drive towards a greener and more sustainable future, building on the achievements of the past decade,” he affirmed.

The event concluded with expressions of appreciation to all individuals involved in organising the celebration, reflecting NGV Gas’s culture of teamwork and collaboration.

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