Lubrication is essential for firearm maintenance as it helps to combat the problematic impact of moisture on a piece’s action and barrel. If moisture is left untended, it can cause rust that will damage the barrel or stop the action from working properly, ultimately causing serious damage to the firearm.

Gunsmiths, professionals who work with firearms, and people who own guns for recreational purposes all know the importance of correctly maintaining a gun. The right lubrication can make caring for a weapon much more efficient and effective. Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa’s L-X Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300) is both a lubricant and solvent for handheld firearms that has been described by gunsmiths as “exceptional” for cleaning and maintaining firearms.

L-X was originally created to help keep automobile engines clean and reduce frictional wear by combating carbon, varnish and gum deposits that prevent an engine from operating at maximum efficiency. Once its application for firearms became apparent, the effectiveness of the product was evident.

Senior Technical Sales Representative Fritz Wolmarans at LE South Africa explains that “You can see an improvement immediately; on the whole firearm. Some recreational users have shared that they now only use L-X on their firearms because the outcome is so good.”

L-X cleans all the water, acid and residues from firearms, including copper fouling and soot that accumulates when the weapon is fired. 

Wolmarans adds that the applications for L-X are broad: “This product caters to a diverse market within the firearm industry. From collectors to recreational hunters, sportspeople, and those in professional firearm-carrying professions, such as security personnel and wildlife field guides, customers using a wide range of handheld firearms have found it to be an excellent lubricant for their guns.” 

Notes to the Editor:

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa represents the LE brand in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. LE hold the rights to Southern Africa on the LE brand, recognised internationally as a specialist in lubrication.

Through LE Incorporated, they are a member of a worldwide network of companies spanning Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, while LE Incorporated operates in the USA and covers North America including Canada, Mexico and the USA.

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