BMG added a new transmission flow grease to its Boerslim/Smartfarming portfolio a year ago and it has been well received by the farming sector.

“Liqui Moly Flow Grease, which was introduced to our customers at the Nampo 2023 show, is proving successful in agricultural transmissions, even those subjected to high surface pressure,” explains Carlo Beukes, Business Development Manager – Power Transmission, Agricultural, Automotive and Lubrication divisions, BMG. “Liqui Moly Transmission Flow Grease LP00 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of normally operated pivot gearboxes which operate at low to normal rotational speeds, under dusty and damp conditions.

BMG’s Flow Grease LP00 is based on lithium soap, with highly effective additive packages, as well as EP and adhesive additives. This Flow Grease can withstand an operating temperature range between –30°C and +120 °C.”

Another popular recent addition to the agricultural specific lubrication range is Habot Corn-head grease, which has been developed to exceed OEM standards and performance. This specialised lubricant is designed for meticulous maintenance of corn head drive units on John Deere harvesters. Advanced formulation ensures optimal functionality, enhancing the efficiency and service life of equipment that is vital to modern farming operations.

BMG specialists consider lubrication to be one of the most important aspects of efficient agricultural equipment performance and for machinery maintenance programmes. Not only do lubricants, oils and greases extend the service life of machinery and equipment, but they also play an important role in enhancing performance of components, like bearings and industrial gearboxes.

The company’s range of BTC bearings and components – manufactured exclusively for BMG to stringent quality and safety specifications – was originally developed for light to medium rotating equipment applications, including packhouses and small conveyors in the agricultural sector and for general industry.

However, with BMG’s recent important upgrades, robust BTC bearings and components are now perfectly suited for dependable use in heavy-duty applications.

According to BMG experts, these design improvements and quality enhancements require selection of the correct lubrication solutions, to ensure optimum efficiency and extended service life of the system. A top-quality lubricant will ensure that the equipment is able to reach its L-10 design lifetime.

A wide range of industrial quality branded lubricants is available from BMG, including Liqui Moly, Habot and CRC, as well the company’s house-brand, which has been specifically formulated for general applications.

These products are available from BMG’s extended branch network, as well as through the company’s online shopping platform. This online shopping portal adds value to BMG’s service offering and makes shopping for engineering components more convenient.

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