Danish multinational engineering group, Danfoss, headquartered in Nordborg Denmark officially finalised its acquisition of BOCK GmbH on 1 March 2023, in a deal that was announced last year. The completion of the acquisition reinforced Danfoss’ position as a preferred provider of energy-efficient solutions.

As of 1 March 2024, the sales of BOCK Compressors to resellers, contractors and end users were transitioned to distribution partners, while certain key OEM customers will continue to be supported directly.  BOCK’s products are available via trusted partners such as Refrimate (compressors and plusboxes), Metraclark (compressors) and Ref Compressor Spares (service and spare parts).

Roy Naidoo, Sales Director Sub-Saharan Africa for Danfoss Climate Solutions expressed his excitement about the transition: “BOCK is a global leader with over 90 years’ experience in developing compressors, and has an impressive reputation for quality, climate-friendly technology. The addition of BOCK’s product portfolio to our existing range of compressors has given Danfoss the opportunity to tap into new markets and grow our reach within Africa.”

BOCK’s renowned compressors – one of the largest portfolios in the world – are a natural fit for Danfoss’ extensive existing solutions range. With best-in-class CO2 and low-GWP semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and condensing units, the new BOCK additions to the Danfoss offering solutions will help organisations worldwide to further accelerate energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

“The implementation of innovative technologies for greener cooling and heating will assist Africa in its transition towards more sustainable practices, where we would then, in turn, contribute to global efforts to combat climate change,” Naidoo explains.

“The integration of BOCK compressors represents a strategic alignment of a shared vision of using innovation, climate-friendly technology and sustainability to fast-track decarbonised cold chain and heating systems worldwide,” adds Naeem Fakir, Sales Driver Sub-Saharan Africa for BOCK. “We believe that the new distribution partnerships will pave the way for significant growth opportunities within Africa and ensure a smooth transition for our local clients.

“Customers can confidently source BOCK products from these trusted partners and remain assured that the dedicated team at Danfoss will continue to be a reliable point of contact for any assistance,” he concludes.

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