Yaskawa, a global leader in manufacturing robotics and automation, proudly spotlights its enduring partnership with Axelent, a premier manufacturer of industrial safety solutions. For nearly two decades, Yaskawa has relied on Axelent’s innovative safety products to enhance the protection and efficiency of robotic facilities across various industries, particularly in South Africa.

Bianca Berowsky, Sales Administrator at Yaskawa, emphasises the importance of this collaboration: “Yaskawa’s commitment to delivering high-quality safety solutions is greatly bolstered by Axelent’s expertise and swift lead times. Our partnership ensures that our clients receive reliable and accessible safety solutions that meet the highest industry standards.”

A recent successful deployment of Axelent Fencing highlights its critical role in ensuring safety in the food and beverage industry. Yaskawa and Axelent collaborated on a project through an integrator, with one of the oldest food and consumer packaged goods manufacturers in South Africa.These projects required advanced safety measures to protect operators thereby ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations.

Axelent Fencing’s modular design, quick installation, and ease of maintenance were key factors that resonated with clients. The solutions provided robust security, seamless integration with robotic systems, and minimal downtime, thereby optimising production efficiency.

Yaskawa’s role extended beyond supplying automation technology. The company provided comprehensive support, from initial assessments to integration and testing, ensuring that the fencing solutions met specific client needs. This collaborative approach reduced installation risks and enhanced overall operational safety and productivity.

Looking forward, Yaskawa and Axelent see significant opportunities for further applications of Axelent Fencing in South Africa’s diverse industrial landscape. Potential areas include securing manufacturing plants, warehouses, logistics hubs, and mining sites. As demand for integrated safety solutions grows, Yaskawa’s local presence and industry expertise position it to capitalise on these opportunities.

The successful implementation of Axelent Fencing reflects broader trends in the fencing and automation markets, emphasising the importance of safety, customisation, and quality. As Yaskawa continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it remains committed to fostering partnerships and delivering solutions that drive progress and safety in South Africa’s industrial sectors.

Bianca Berowsky, Sales Administrator at Yaskawa

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