Celebrating a remarkable milestone in electrical safety, ABB proudly marks the 100-year anniversary of its revolutionary Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). Since its inception, the MCB has been an unsung hero, safeguarding electrical circuits and paving the way for a safer, more sustainable world. As we embark on a journey towards a net-zero future, ABB’s MCB stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling the seamless integration of renewable energy sources while ensuring unparalleled protection against electrical hazards.

Ettienne Delport, the Vice President of Electrification – Smart Buildings, Smart Power at ABB, reflects on the significance of this milestone: “As we transition towards a net-zero future, it is essential to increase electrification and integrate more diversified, renewable energy sources. ABB provides electrical safety to everything from solar panels and heat pumps to electric vehicles and brings additional protection against faults like residual currents, surges, earth fault currents, or arc faults.”

The evolution of the MCB is a testament to ABB’s commitment to excellence and innovation. From its humble beginnings in 1924, when Hugo Stotz and Heinrich Schachtner pioneered the first resettable MCB, to its present-day production lines spanning the globe,

ABB has continuously set industry standards for performance, compact size, connectivity, and transparency.

At the heart of ABB’s MCB lies a blend of cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to safety. With the ability to detect electrical faults within milliseconds, the MCB ensures swift intervention, mitigating potential risks and preventing catastrophic events. Its flexible, time-saving designs not only streamline installation processes but also address the current industry skills shortage, making it accessible to a broader spectrum of professionals.

As the world transitions towards sustainable practices, ABB’s MCB remains at the forefront of innovation, facilitating the safe development of modern communities, cities, and urban landscapes. From residential buildings to rail infrastructure, factories, commercial buildings, and data centers, the impact of ABB’s MCB is felt across diverse sectors, safeguarding lives and assets with unwavering reliability.

Join us in commemorating a century of safety with ABB’s Miniature Circuit Breaker, a testament to ingenuity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.

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