Leading technology provider ABB and Compu-Power are showcasing their partnership in a joint exhibition at this year’s X-Change End User conference. This annual congregation of tech enthusiasts, industry stalwarts, and forward-thinkers, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, is scheduled to take place from 9 to 12 June at the Champagne Sports Resort, Drakensburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Donald Mokone, Managing Director of Compu-Power, says the partnership emphasises the company’s commitment to promoting ABB’s comprehensive UPS products range, including its digital offerings. He highlights the importance of leveraging digitization options such as SNMP cards and IoT chips to maximize the benefit for customers. Mokone also underlined Compu-Power’s aim to expand its market reach beyond South Africa, extending support for the ABB UPS range into neighboring African countries from Namibia to Mozambique up to Tanzania and Kenya.

A key focus for Compu-Power is enhancing customer support and service, with plans to recruit and train technicians to provide better value-added services across South Africa and beyond. “Our strategy is to evolve from being mere resellers to becoming a true partner, offering integrated solutions aligned with ABB’s strong value proposition,” comments Mokone.

Compu-Power has a diverse customer base, including mines, data centers, marine, petrochemicals, financial institutions, public sector entities like disaster management centers, and large retailers and wholesalers. “We are committed to exploring opportunities across various sectors while prioritising ABB solutions,” highlights Mokone.

Ivor Becks, UPS and Power Quality Sales Specialist, Southern Africa at ABB, sheds light on the meticulous process of building commercial relationships such as that with Compu-Power, stressing the importance of technical training and stockholding criteria for any channel partner agreement.

ABB’s comprehensive UPS product range includes 13 different product families, from voltage conditioners to static frequency converters and even medium voltage UPS systems for high-power applications up to 25 MW, believed to be a world first.

“What is exciting for us is Compu-Power’s extended reach into Africa and its leverage as a group, which is powerful and synergistic for us. For us to attempt to recreate that access would be extremely difficult. Partnerships are the way to go now. It is all about customer service and making sure that the customer has peace of mind in being provided with a custom-fit solution that does what it is supposed to,” says Becks.

Regarding the X-Change event, Becks says it is an ideal platform to showcase ABB’s partnership with Compu-Power, especially considering the latter’s extended reach into Africa. He praised the synergy between Compu-Power and its sister companies, highlighting the strength of partnerships in delivering top-quality solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In terms of the challenges and opportunities in the UPS market, Becks stresses the importance of awareness and education about ABB’s involvement and portfolio. “ABB has a long evolution in the UPS industry and remains committed to internal R&D, quality manufacturing, and innovation,” says Becks.

With a focus on customer service and market expansion, the ABB and Compu-Power partnership aims to redefine integrated UPS solutions, offering customers cutting-edge technology for their back-up power requirements.

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