Each year a new team of young associates across the Bosch Rexroth Group are nominated to collaborate on three designated projects to drive a positive impact on the future of the Group. Kane Herbert, Branch Manager, Hytec SA, was nominated as one of 23 global candidates for the 4th generation of Junior ExCom, which launched on the 17th and 18th of  January in Ulm, Germany. For the first time, the Group’s ExCom approved a 4th topic, as proposed by Kane’s Junior ExCom team: the development of an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) model.

Kane stood out in the Group. He is moving up and fast in his career, is respected in the company, and is actively paving the way for growth in his division with forward thinking. Kane also has a wealth of experience in many areas facilitating his capability in many disciplines, therefore being an exceptional candidate to represent Bosch Rexroth Africa,” says Chris Riley, CEO, Bosch Rexroth South Africa. Kane accepted the role in November 2022 on top of the responsibility of managing his branch at Hytec SA and will hold the position for a year.

The standard three designated projects that the Junior ExCom members will be working on include sustainability, digitalisation, and people and culture. “The establishment of the 4th topic, the ARR model, unfolded as we interacted at the launch,” comments Herbert. “It was a privilege to be a part of the proposed project. The odds of a South African, German, Norwegian, Austrian, and French contributing to a mutual idea with diverse inputs, expertise, and experience was incredibly slim, but happened anyway. We are excited about the project and hope that the groundwork is solid so that it is successfully approved at handover for implementation by the Group.”

Junior ExCom candidates are required to attend meetings and further develop their concepts throughout the year. The concepts will then be handed over to ExCom during the course of the year, where these proposals will be assessed to determine which will be feasible for the Group. A Bosch Rexroth leadership meeting was scheduled on the 20th and 21st of April 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany, and included the attendance of Kane and many leaders worldwide.

“It is a privilege to participate in this initiative and gain the opportunity for experience, knowledge, and networking,” says Herbert. “The experience thus far has been eye-opening: you witness individuals from different countries, positions, qualifications at different levels, and ages collaborate towards the goal of driving the future of the company. The idea of participating was intimidating, but once ideas and inputs start rolling out, I could understand and add value based on the broad experience that I have gained in the company.”

Kane Herbert, representative of Bosch Rexroth Africa in 4th generation of Junior ExCom.

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