Building on the success of its tried-and-tested X.e series of high-performance industrial gear units and gearmotors, SEW-EURODRIVE has launched a new X.e series agitator gear design. This agitator gear unit boasts high permissible forces and bending moments alongside its operational reliability – making it ideal for all high-performance agitators and mixers. According to SEW-EURODRIVE’s Head of Business Development Engineering, Andreas Meid, the agitator gear design expands the company’s portfolio to include more application gear units designed for specific uses.

“Agitator gear units are used in various industries across Africa including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water and wastewater treatment – for mixing and blending liquids and other materials,” says Meid. “The X.e-series agitator gear units can be used wherever high power ratings are required for stirring and mixing liquid or paste-type materials.”

SEW-EURODRIVE’s X.e series features a modular design for flexible customisation, and includes innovative motor and gear unit technology that ensures high efficiency and long service life. As part of this range, the SEW-EURODRIVE X.e agitator gear unit is designed to provide reliable and efficient operation in these demanding applications. Meid highlights that the ‘digital twin’ concept was applied throughout the design process for the X.e-series agitator gear unit, making it possible to simulate and optimise the mechanical components and oil flow in virtual reality.

“The application-specific rolling bearing concept – with a large bearing spacing and its rigidity optimised agitator housing – allows the unit to absorb the strong forces and bending moments that typically occur in agitation and mixing processes,” he explains. “Depending on the particular load scenario, there are three load-specific rolling bearing variants available for each size.”

The X.e agitator gear unit’s advanced gear technology, which includes helical and bevel-helical gearing, provides high torque transmission with low noise and vibration. This ensures smooth and efficient operation, even in high load applications.

“Among the innovative design elements of the gear unit is an oil expansion chamber to compensate for temperature variations,” he says. “It also features a labyrinth sealing system to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of oil leakage.”

The units are available in three sizes, for a torque range of 117 to 217 kNm. As a three-stage or four-stage helical gear unit, it also covers gear ratios ranging from 20 to 400.

With the implementation of a large output shaft and maximised bearing distance, no job is too big for SEW-EURODRIVE’s new X.e agitator and mixer drives.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s new X.e agitator drive provides reliable and efficient operation when handling the strongest loads.

The X.e-series agitator gear units can be used wherever high power ratings are required for stirring and mixing liquid or paste-type materials.

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