Well known for its drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE partners with customers to design and implement automation projects for their plants, factories and warehouses – using its powerful Maxolution® offering. According to Werner Engelbrecht, Works Manager Mechatronics at SEW-EURODRIVE, this process is focused on combining all aspects of production including hardware and software. Rather than a customer having to develop their own software infrastructure from scratch, says Engelbrecht, Maxolution® has its own pre-defined application modules that have been developed from years of experience in the field.

“With our specialised software, we can simulate material flow in industrial systems, helping customers to achieve greater efficiency through multiple integrations of systems,” he says. “The Maxolution® portfolio allows applications in the customer’s facility to be incorporated into a single network.”

This creates the foundation for a complete system to work in synergy; it also opens the door to integrate new systems and to allow existing systems to adapt to product changes. Maxolution® can offer cost effective adaptability for product variations in a production line due to its easily programmable application modules.

The system has already been installed to help automate the factories of leading South African car manufacturers. However, he argues that Maxolution® has significant potential in other local sectors, helping to raise efficiencies, productivity and output.

“With our experience and the proven technology, we can use Maxolution® to implement automation plans cost-effectively and quickly,” he says. “These solutions also save energy through the use of energy management systems and energy efficient IE4 and IE5 mechatronic decentralised solutions and motors.”

He highlights that the Maxolution® offering is an important way that SEW-EURODRIVE differentiates itself as not only an equipment supplier, but as a partner in project planning, commissioning, after-sales service and support. Customers can even enrol staff for training at SEW-EURODRIVE’s state-of-the-art Drive Academy near Johannesburg.

Werner Engelbrecht, Works Manager Mechatronics at SEW-EURODRIVE.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

SEW-EURODRIVE’s condition monitoring solution – DriveRadar.

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