Expertly engineered with upgraded CK-4 API technology, advanced formulation Engen Dieselube 700 Super is the perfect lubricant for modern heavy-duty diesel engine technologies.

“New improved Engen Dieselube 700 Super also offers the added benefit of extending your service intervals, whilst being OEM approved across the logistics and trucking sector,” comments Sharveen Maharaj, Engen’s General Manager: Lubricants. Additional benefits include higher performance, cleaner emissions, and reduced downtime.

High Investment: Investing in a fleet of trucks and trailers is an expensive enterprise. Such hard-working vehicles need to be looked after to extend their lifespan and maximise the return on investment. The evolution of diesel technology has equipped many of these machines with high-performance engines that need to be lubricated with a high-performance product such as Engen Dieselube 700 Super.

Reduced Downtime: In South Africa’s gruelling weather, heat, dirt/dust or water can compromise any machine – especially those that are racking up thousands of kilometres on the road, at all hours of the day. Effective lubrication Engen Dieselube 700 Super will help reduce maintenance costs, decrease overall operating costs, and improve the life of a fleet – all of which provides improved performance and peace of mind.

Improved Consumption: As every fleet manager knows, the price of fuel is a pain point, with fuel purchases making up a sizeable portion of a fleet’s running costs. Beyond driver training, telematics, and route optimisation, choosing a high-performance lubricant such as Engen Dieselube 700 Super can also help improve fuel consumption rates, which makes a difference in the operating costs of fleets of various sizes.

“Engen Dieselube 700 Super is tough enough to keep your wheels rolling and addresses lubricant-related pain points in fleet management and logistics,” adds Maharaj.

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