You know the Rubik’s Cube right? Well, there was a great deal excitement at BMG World in Johannesburg over the past long weekend (16 – 18 June 2023) as the home of Africa’s 360 degree engineering solutions – was the spot where the country’s speediest speedcubers set out to break world records.

Dozens of South Africa’s brightest young minds participated in the national competition and raced against the clock, pushing the bounds of their engineering brains to the absolute limit.

“In celebration of Youth Day and in keeping with BMG’s ethos of giving back and empowering our youth, we chose to host CubingZA’s 2023 Cubing National Championships,” explains Darryn Wright, BMG’s Group Marketing Executive. “It was great to see BMG World abuzz with so many young people – hopefully many of whom will one day enter the world of engineering.

“It was an honour for BMG to host these talented ambidextrous masters of twisting and turning the trickiest pieces. From 4×4, to 7×7’s, there were several South African records smashed over the three-day event.”

BMG was proud to sponsor the competition and looks forward to doing many more in the future with CubingZA. Co-sponsors of the event included, CubeCo and InsightEdge.

BMG hosted CubingZA’s 2023 Cubing National Championships at BMG World in Johannesburg recently.

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