Innovative manufacturer of motion plastics, igus, has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of drive applications with the introduction of a full range of ready-to-use cabling solutions to fit all commonly used drive systems. igus sales executive, Edwin van Niekerk, says igus wants to minimise mistakes and speed-up cable installation by providing the perfect fit for specific systems and eliminating excessive cable lengths as well as reducing the risks of damage or tangling. Understanding that each application is unique, igus offers the flexibility to provide cables in custom lengths to provide technical teams and installers with cables that enable precision Integration.

The igus ready cables are designed to work seamlessly with a wide array of manufacturers, making them a versatile solution for different drive systems. “Whether you rely on Allen Bradley/Rockwell, Harting, Baumüller, Beckhoff, Fanuc, SEW or any other leading brands, igus has you covered,” affirms Edwin.

Large selection

“We have an impressive catalogue of approximately 4,600 harnessed motor, servo, signal and encoder cables, that ensures you find the perfect cable for your specific application. What’s even more remarkable is that igus continues to expand its offerings, introducing new cables regularly.

“From a cost perspective it provides a good balance between cost-effectiveness and uncompromising quality with a choice of seven cable qualities. Users can choose the most suitable option that meets their performance needs while remaining mindful of their budget.”

“These are assembled with advanced machines for connectors and cable harnessing, ensuring precise and reliable connections every time. Each cable also undergoes crimp force and crimp depth monitoring during the harnessing process which guarantees consistent quality and minimises the risk of faulty connections,” says Edwin.

Global supply

He reveals that the cables are made at either one of 14 production sites worldwide, which adhere to standardised processes, ensuring consistent quality across all their products. This global approach enables igus to efficiently meet the demands of customers around the world.

Before leaving the igus test lab, every cable undergoes 100% function testing. These tests involve digital and logic testing to verify the performance and reliability of each cable. Furthermore, each cable is sealed, ensuring its quality and providing peace of mind to customers.

The company does not impose a minimum order quantity. Whether a customer needs a single cable or a bulk order, igus allows customers to obtain the exact quantity they require. This flexibility eliminates unnecessary costs and inventory concerns.

Local solutions

The Midrand based local operation ensures fast delivery and reduced lead times for customers. igus can fulfil customer’s cable requirements quickly to reduce downtime, while keeping projects on schedule.

In addition to offering ready cables, igus provides a comprehensive range of products, including energy chains (E-chains) and connectors. This one-stop shop approach allows customers to source all the necessary cables, protection devices and related components from a single source.

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