The GHM GROUP, a leader in the field of flow, level, portable and environmental measurement technology, takes a further step towards internationalisation: Its five brands will be merged into a single, agile company to respond quickly to customer needs and market trends.

From 1 January 2024, the GHM GROUP, a leading sensor technology company, will become Senseca – one company, one brand, one purpose: to become a contributor to a sustainable future.

More than a rebranding project, the five GHM GROUP brands (Honsberg, Greisinger, Martens, Val.Co and Delta OHM) will combine their expertise to continue on their global path of success within Senseca by maintaining the same entrepreneurial spirit they were founded on along with their design and manufacturing excellence.

“The transition from a group with five brands to a single company is a major change in how we approach the market and develop our products’, says GHM GROUP CEO Christian Unterberger. In an ever-evolving world, we want to create an agile company that can respond quickly to customer needs and market trends”.

Senseca’s philosophy is clear and simple and that is to place the customer at the heart of every decision and help them grow through an application-based approach. The new ‘One Face to the Customer’ focus is enabling our customers an improved experience with an easy access to the entire product range.

‘Concentrating our efforts on a single brand, we can build stronger and longer lasting relationships with our customers, exploit synergies between sites and differentiate ourselves in a sometimes, complex market’, says Stefan Langer, Vice President of the Industrial Business Unit.

Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa (soon to be Senseca South Africa) said “In today’s industrial world with its ever-increasing environmental standards needing to be met, measurement, sensory and monitoring instrumentation will be key to the delivery of highly accurate data

that meets the requirements of an integrated information supply. High quality and reliable instrumentation play a crucial role in solving the complexities of industry as we now know it”.

“In South Africa, Senseca will able to offer solutions for the challenges our customers face from one centralised source. We will be able to customise and tailor solutions more quickly” said Grobler.

“We at Senseca will be focusing on delivering technologies that respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs, enabling Senseca to maintain its prominence in this sector. We are excited to see the unique expertise of each former brand coming together to enhance not only the customers engagement with us, but continue to build upon the South African market of confidence in our design, technologies and manufacturing capabilities” concluded Grobler.

The know-how of each brand is pooled in multidisciplinary teams working in three business units: Environmental, Industrial and Portable. People remain at the heart of the business, and their contribution of skills, knowledge and commitment will continue to be crucial to grasp the growth opportunities involved in this change.

“Each of us bears a unique and complementary value, and it is only by adding these elements together that we can truly generate a positive impact on ourselves, on the people around us, and, in this case, on this new opportunity we are about to experience” says Gianluca Maestroni, current CEO of Delta OHM and Vice President of the Environmental Business Unit.

The name Senseca is a neologism with several meanings. First and foremost, ‘sense’ stands for sensors, the core business of measuring, monitoring, testing and control equipment. But ‘sense’ also stands for the new shared purpose that sets Senseca’s future direction: ‘to provide reliable data and facts that support businesses and society to improve the ecological and economic status quo with custom-made technology solutions.

“At Senseca, we strive to safeguard our planet by balancing economic interests with environmental goals. There can be no economy without a healthy planet, and companies can make a vital contribution”, says Roland Baeuml, Vice President of the Portable Business Unit. We want to rise to this challenge and become a role model in sustainable measurement technology”.

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