German polymer manufacturer, igus, is slowly changing the way we do things by replacing metals and other everyday materials with stronger, longer lasting polymers that can stand up to almost any challenge.

In South Africa igus is gaining a reputation for its innovative plastics that can outlast even the strongest traditional materials hundreds of times over and are best known for their exceptional performance, durability and low friction properties.

Among these materials, iglidur stands out as a versatile choice for various applications across industries. Here is a showcase of its most successful uses in a variety of technical and industrial contexts.

  1. Bearing Applications

iglidur materials are extensively used in bearing applications. These self-lubricating materials offer low friction, long service life and resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for applications in automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery.

  • Food Processing

In the food and beverage industry, iglidur materials are a preferred choice due to their FDA compliance, low moisture absorption and corrosion resistance. No lubricants are required for these materials used for various applications, including conveyor systems, bottling equipment and packaging machinery.

  • Medical Equipment

The medical sector benefits from iglidur materials in equipment such as patient beds, medical robots and diagnostic devices. iglidur’s biocompatibility, chemical resistance and low particle emission characteristics make them suitable for this critical industry.

  • Automotive Seating

Automotive manufacturers use iglidur materials in seat height adjustment systems. These materials provide silent, low-friction operation and reduce maintenance requirements, contributing to a comfortable and reliable driving experience.

  • Material Handling

Conveyor systems, sorting machines and automated warehouses depend on iglidur materials for their low wear and quiet operation. These materials enhance the performance and longevity of the equipment in material handling applications.

  • Packaging Machinery

The packaging industry relies on iglidur materials for various applications, including pick-and-place systems, labelling machines and filling equipment. The self-lubricating properties of iglidur materials reduce downtime and maintenance.

  • Agriculture

In agriculture, iglidur materials are used in applications such as crop protection equipment, harvesting machinery and irrigation systems. The materials’ resistance to dirt and dust, combined with their durability, ensures reliable performance in harsh outdoor conditions.

  • 3D Printing

Iglidur materials are employed as 3D printer bushings, providing smooth and precise motion. Their self-lubricating properties eliminate the need for additional lubrication, simplifying the printing process.

  • Furniture

iglidur materials find applications in furniture design, particularly in drawer slides and pivot joints. Their silent operation, resistance to humidity and longevity enhance the quality and functionality of modern furniture.

  1. Offshore and Marine

For the offshore and marine industries, iglidur materials are employed in winches, cranes, and other machinery used in harsh saltwater environments. Their resistance to corrosion and long service life makes them a reliable choice for these demanding applications.

igus product specialist, Juan-Eric Davidtz says engineers from a wide range of industries regularly enquire about igus polymers to improve processes and enhance the durability of products that they manufacture.

“In most instances they choose iglidur which offers remarkable versatility in applications across various industries. From the automotive sector to medical equipment, packaging machinery to agriculture, these materials have proven their worth in diverse applications. As industries continue to evolve and demand more from their equipment, igus iglidur materials remain a trusted choice for improving performance and reliability.

Juan-Eric Davidtz says engineers from a wide range of industries regularly enquire about igus polymers to improve processes and enhance the durability of products that they manufacture.

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