Coleus Packaging, the metal crown manufacturer in South Africa, is on track to benefit from its deal with Greek company Astir Vitogiannis through the investment in a new PMC 500 crown manufacturing machine.

“Previously, we were majority owned by SAB but in mid-2022 Astir Vitogiannis acquired 75% shareholding in Coleus, and left the remaining 25% with Nokusa Packaging, our BEE partner. We are ready to do business with everyone,” says Ian Victor, the Managing Director of Coleus Packaging.

While SAB is no longer a majority shareholder, Coleus will still be supplying the brewer with metal crowns, as well as other customers in the brewing and beverage market.

The Astir Vitogiannis deal also represents a huge vote of confidence in South Africa and is expected to create approximately 40 jobs throughout the company in the coming years – from blue-collar to administration.

“The heavy investment in our company means we are on track to become more globally competitive and it also provides the opportunity to diversify and move into other metal closures,” says Victor.

Coleus is the largest supplier of metal crown closures for the brewing and beverage industries in Southern Africa, and the company plans to extend beyond its current footprint in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region into the rest of Africa.

The current big change in the factory is the investment in the form of the PMC 500, a press and lining machine manufactured by Italian original equipment manufacturer (OEM) SACMI. The machine takes printed and decorated tin-free metal sheets and cuts and moulds them into shells. The machinery is expected to provide growth opportunities and improve plant efficiencies, too.

“This investment proves that Astir Vitogiannis is serious about growing its market share in Southern Africa and through the continuous investments expected over the next few years it will ensure we become a regional and globally competitive organisation,” says Victor.

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